This page will serve as a central location to find the rules of the site, including rules of what kind of content you are allowed to post.


All posts must meet the following criteria

  • All submitted content must be in written in coherent English.
  • All content must be unique, no duplicate content is allowed.
  • Must contain a minimum of 500 characters (note that this only includes alphanumeric characters. Spaces, punctuation do not count).
  • The content of the post must adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • If an image is used for the post, you must supply an image credit (even if you own the image).
  • You are not allowed to post more than 15 articles per day.
  • You must wait at least 10 minutes between each post.

Posts found that do not meet the criteria above will be removed (as with all associated coins earned from that post).

Account Activity

In order to keep your account active, you will be required to login at least once in a 28 day period. You are not required to post, comment, view or interact on the site in any capacity. We simply ask that you login to the site to ensure your account is kept active.