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Sticking to nothing

Young adults of today are precious and very lucky. Opportunities are theirs for the picking. Just what this young lady realized: "I think our generation has this privilege of having so many options that we wanna try out those options first
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Posted in Personal on January 30, 2016

She has 14 blogs

“I have 14 blogs. It sounds like a sickness.”—Petra Magno, 24 For someone who’s only writing for Persona Paper, for my own semblance of a blog, 14 blogs is just wow, amazing.
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Posted in Personal on January 29, 2016

Mistakes @ 23

I love quotes and I particularly mine those coming from young adults. Here’s one: “F**king up at 50 is different from f**king up at 23 but it might just be helpful.”—Coco Quizon, 23 Time is on their side, f
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Posted in Personal on January 29, 2016

In defense of generation "I Am"

The Millennials, that’s who. The # hashtag generation. The narcissists generation who produced and viraled the most powerful tagline “I am” are also the most socially conscious (recall that most who are initially at the forefront
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Posted in Personal on January 27, 2016

Earn 14 points

I was having lunch across a gasoline station which banners “Earn 14 points” as a come-on for their value card. Ha, that’s how it always starts, a bait, a good marketing tool, and you’re hoo
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Posted in Personal on January 27, 2016

Knee-jerk reaction

I was once a medical student. One of the earlier skills we were taught was to do a complete physical exam. Aside from the stet, you must be able to use your small patellar (tendon) hammer to elicit a knee-jerk reaction.
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Posted in Personal on January 26, 2016

Yes I can

Desperately seeking another job, I blurted out: Yes I can, when asked by my would-be boss, if I can swim. I had to lie. My previous engagement had just ended. Thus, the beginning of my "liking" water, again
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Posted in Personal on January 25, 2016

Speed with arrogance

“Oh, just do it”, my Korean colleague would always tell me. He seemed to be turning himself to a Nike shoes whenever he announces that. He would always top that with:“Speed with arrogance”. As a proxy of the Korean population, I w
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Posted in Personal on January 25, 2016


"Silence can be an effective tool when confronted with criticism."--Svein Jentoft Before, when anger seethes and I am ready to explode, my beloved elephant goes wild and starts thumping its feet. But to no avail, my elephant will always fail to st
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Posted in Personal on January 25, 2016


I was reading again my new "bible", when I did a double take and re-read the word "mind-made". I have read the book a couple of times and I must admit that I was terribly missing out on a new word, until last night. Must have been reading it and g
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Posted in Personal on January 25, 2016

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