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Cat Food In My Shoe

We have been having some really cold weather lately and my cats don't like it any more than I do. Panda has enough "insulation" that she will still go outside during the day but she makes sure to come back in at night. Casper on the other hand, runs
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Posted in Animals on January 11, 2015

Cards For Addie

I am posting about a story I read this morning. There is a little girl named Addie who lives in Utah. She is six years old and only has a year to live. There is nothing the doctors can do. Addie has two sisters and her mother who are celebrating wha
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Posted in Family on December 7, 2014

Where is the good news?

I went on a rant on facebook earlier. I was frustrated over the amount of people complaining about people complaining about working the holidays. When did buying stuff become more important than family? I am just tired of all the negative being promoted o
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Posted in Personal on November 26, 2014

4th grade, intelligence and anxiety.

I am sleepy right now, but it is the pleasant I could nap type of sleepy rather than my usual exhaustion. It's nice. This morning I took my son to an appointment with a councilor. It went very well. She gets it. My son is smart, really smart. (T
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Posted in Personal on November 25, 2014

Taking a break and good news

Good morning all. My kids are still sleeping, the cats have been fed, I have a pot of coffee brewing, and there is banana nut bread baking in the oven. Yeah, I'v been busy for the short time I've been awake. Honestly, the fresh coffee and the banana bread
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Posted in Personal on November 22, 2014

Stress class

Last night I went to a parents anti-stress meeting at my son's after school program. The lady teaching the class had some good ideas. I'm just not certain they could work for me. Her class covered basic stress. It wasn't really made for a night shift
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Posted in Personal on November 21, 2014

Life is Busy

Some days I just want to stay hidden under my blankets instead of dealing with whatever obligations await me crawling out of bed. Today feels like one of those days. Yes, I am already out of bed. I've bathed and everything, but I still want to heed the sir
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Posted in Persona Paper on October 27, 2014

Slip Covers Are Evil

Our sofa has seen better days. The kids have managed to spill all kinds of things on it. The dark brown material is splattered with stains. I have been covering the worst of it with throw blankets and pillows but today I had enough. I went out and bought a
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Posted in Personal on October 13, 2014

Rained Out

We didn't get to go to the "Amusement Park Thingy" yesterday. Just before we were ready to leave the house they decided to close the park because of rain. Since my mom was already over to babysit my son, we decided to find something else to do rather than
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Posted in Personal on October 11, 2014

Just an October Friday

This is day three of our broken heating and air unit. I am very grateful for the mild temperatures. It hasn't been too bad. Today is so far the best. Yesterday got a little muggy. We have a chance of rain in the forecast for this evening but I am hoping it
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Posted in Personal on October 10, 2014

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Hello. Nice to meet you. I am enjoying reading your posts.

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hello , good morning :)

September 21, 2014, 4:01 AM

I love your story of Max, even though it hurts to know what he went through. But, you saved him and that puts you at the top of my list of "good guys".

August 22, 2014, 12:37 AM

Hey Tammi, following on over from SandraLynn's Top 8

August 13, 2014, 11:17 AM

Just following you dear. hope you have a great day ahead.

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