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Personal Notes & New Art

So, it's been a short bit since my last share here. The other day, my wife & I took our son to an egg hunt in another town. He greatly enjoyed it & we enjoyed the time with him. Currently, it's early A.M. where I am, and I should probably be sleepi
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Posted in Personal on April 19, 2022

New Art & Notes

Dear all, At present, my wife is out at her mother's, and my son is in school. I thought I'd take time to get some sharing in here. I created some new , some of which I posted to my Twitter earlier. The piece you see here doesn't have a formal title,
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Posted in Art on April 5, 2022

Poetry & Some Notes

I wrote this earlier today, I shared it to my social media & one of my blogs. It's a micro-poem called "Listen" about wisdom often coming from the most unexpected people and how we shouldn't just dismiss it. Sometimes the least among us g
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Posted in Writing on March 31, 2022

I'd Love To Be A Cosmic Photographer

Hello all, I just had to write about this, & the solar system & such have always intrigued me. Earlier, I learned via the internet that the dwarf planet Pluto has ice volcanoes. As a , that got my mind really going quite a bi
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Posted in Pictures on March 29, 2022

I Converted My Phone To A P.C. Speaker

Recently, I learned how to convert a smart phone into a speaker for a P.C. It’s pretty simple, I found out how to do it when my Bluetooth speaker that I originally had was discovered to be incompatible with my replacement operating system t
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Posted in Technology on March 29, 2022

Come What May

There is a lot on my mind as I sit here at just after midnight my time typing this. To start with, how the state of the world these days is like something straight from the mind of the late Rod Serling.  
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Posted in Spirituality on March 29, 2022

"Crimson Reflections" Art Design, With Evening Notes

I had a great evening overall, my son briefly had a fever but I am thankful to say it subsided. He is presently sleeping soundly, my wife is beside me as I type this. She is working on a diamond , a hobby she's been doing for over a year. Earlier,
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Posted in Art on March 28, 2022

Needed To Say This

The Gospel of Christ is about Christ, His teachings & His for our souls. It is not for mega-churches and such to twist to gain material wealth. The Bible clearly warns about false prophets, we need to be awake and aware. If someo
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Posted in Spirituality on March 27, 2022

In Tribute To Jeff Carson

Country artist turned lawman Jeff Carson was trending in the feeds on many social media today. I didn't think anything of it initially, until I learned he had passed away! He was only 58 years old, which as far as old goes, isn't THAT old. I am
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Posted in Music on March 27, 2022

Pyro-Kaleidoscope & Notes

This is some of my latest , I welcome any constructive feedback of course. I created this piece with Paintshop Pro x4, which is still one of my favorite programs ever to use. I had a lot of fun creating this piece, but that could also be said of
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Posted in Art on March 27, 2022

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Welcome back, theartistjnrdutton

April 18, 2018, 3:57 PM

hi following you , have a good day.

March 26, 2015, 12:26 PM

G'day there and nice to meet you :) I am on the B site but not sure if we are friends there? I have the same name as here :)

March 13, 2015, 9:06 AM

Colibry21 Nice to meet you as well.

February 27, 2015, 4:32 PM

Nice to meet you!

February 27, 2015, 4:04 PM