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Rough last few days

it's been a very bad last few days. Tuesday I found out that one of the people that I used to work with some years ago back in SLC had passed away. I was very fond of her, and really admired her skill at creating things. One of my more prized possessions w
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Posted in Personal on January 29, 2016

Review: _The Last Policeman:_ A chilling dystopia with some surprising twists

One of the books that I had been looking forward to reading this year was Ben H. Winters' The Last Policeman. While I don't care much for very many dystopias, I had heard that this was one worth looking out for. And when I spotted it on a list for my nook,
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Posted in Books on January 28, 2016

Review: _Dressing Downton:_ A fun little book that shows the changing fashions of the Great War and the roaring 20s

I confess that I am a nut about Downton Abbey. From the series to the ancillary books that go into the background of the television programme, it's a pretty good bet that I will pick up a copy for my personal collection. Recently, there was a tour here in
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Posted in Books on January 9, 2016

Review: _The White Cascade:_ The chronicle of an avalanche in the high Cascade mountains

When I find a good historical account, of well, anything, I tend to jump right in. I spent a good portion of my childhood in Washington state, where the Cascade mountains are a constant presence. Every summer, my granparents would load up their VW van with
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Posted in Books on January 5, 2016

Quiet day, a very happy wallow in Downton Abbey

Just finished watching the first episode of the final season of Downton Abbey. Very glad to see one dangling plot line be resolved for good. I also indulged in an order of chinese food for dinner. I will almost always say yes to chinese food. Starting to
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Posted in Persona Paper on January 3, 2016

Review: _Star Wars: The Force Awakens_ I will not be popular for my view of this film.

I have been careful in avoiding spoilers or reviews of the current Star Wars film. Being that I watched the first film, A New Hope, with great delight, and really loved the second film, The Empire Strikes Back, with little to deter me from seeing the rest.
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Posted in Movies & TV on January 1, 2016

Domestic Disasters, Resolutions and a Movie.

First of all, I wish all of my friends and associates here on Persona Paper a most happy holidays and that everything went smoothly and well for you. This year, the bomb dropped on our little household. On Christmas Eve, the oven died. The heating coil on
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Posted in Personal on January 1, 2016

Where I have been

Winter is not an easy time for me. The darkness gets to me, and when it is cold, and my body is acting up, all I really want to do is hibernate and stay in bed. Having a Nook makes it worse, I can just lay in bed and watch Netflix or Hulu, or read, and tha
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Posted in Personal on December 26, 2015

Review: _Slightly Foxed -- but still desirable:_ A collection of terms and drawings of the arcane world of book collectors.

Every few months, a very heavy box arrives at my doorstep by way of the Royal Mail, and much to the despair of my partner, J, I dive into another shipment from the Folio Society. The Folio Society publishes high end quality, and sometimes very rare books,
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Posted in Books on November 25, 2015

Pre holiday jollies. And all that.

Not much has been going on lately, just me bitching about the cold and how it is making me feel. Mostly rotten, as my joints have been swollen and aching lately. Today was fairly busy. J and I went to the market to get the shopping done, at the unspeakabl
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Posted in Personal on November 25, 2015

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Hey I'm Following You =]

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