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Cards Against Humanity

If you ever wanna get to someone and their humour, this is the game to play. Its dark, dirty, sexual, racist, sexist, and just plain hilarious. Its even better when you are able to play it with your parents! No child would ever imagine playing this game w
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Posted in Personal on July 16, 2016

One year Later

Well, its been almost a year of me being vacant from this wonderful site. And may I just say, I have sorely missed out on all the writing i could have been doing. And it has been a crazy year at that. Life can really get away from you when you are not rea
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Posted in Personal on July 15, 2016

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was the most fun ever. My man and I went on a very long adventure. We started out by going out for breakfast at Denny's. So that I could get my free grand slam. I didn't want the grand slam, my man did, so he ordered what
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Posted in Personal on July 27, 2015

Day 1 of Long Weekend - The Wedding

I was lucky enough to have my birthday fall on a weekend this year. I am also lucky, that there happens to be a wedding the day before my birthday. So my weekend this week is from today to Tuesday. This is my first long weekend like this, this year. I am s
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Posted in Personal on July 25, 2015

Its been awhile...

So I know its been awhile, but I've gotten very busy in the last three days. I got a car from my parents. My dad bought a new one and couldn't sell this one, so he gave to my partner and I. Neither of us have our license right now, but we are both working
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Posted in Personal on July 24, 2015

I only have a few short minutes...

I have a few minutes to content with my computer this morning... My partner is in love with the game World of Warcraft, and I know for a fact he wants to play. I just wanted to get a few words out there before he takes over on this device. Today
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Posted in Personal on July 22, 2015

Up and at 'em nice and early

It's 6am here in the lower mainland. Nice and early it is. I'm thinking of maybe going for a run after this. Maybe wake up my man to join me. Me... Running.... Now that is a weird thought. For most of you who don't know me. I don't like to run. I used
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Posted in Personal on July 21, 2015

Would anyone like to read a short story?

Can I tell you a story? Will you read my short story? That I create on my own. Right on the spot, right here. I say, let's try. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There once was thi
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Posted in Writing on July 20, 2015

This is quite random....... XD

I realized today that I may have given up so many amazing people in my life. A lot of them I am regretting giving up out of my life. How different would my life be if I did have these people in my life? Would I be a completely different person? Would thin
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Posted in Random on July 20, 2015

Big and New Changes

There are new and big changes happening at work. Like holy crap! My executive chef has resigned, and his last day is July 31st. My senior sous chef is becoming the new executive chef. And my boyfriend is starting to work with me. I feel a feeling the m
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Posted in Personal on July 19, 2015

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Hello, Lynda, I'm writing here on Persona too but If you would like to write on a 2-year-old writing site that actually pays while we wait for Persona to pay again, I'm writing there since July 2016. You can watch my YouTube video right here and grab the link in the description, Regards, Andre':

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