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Benefits of Green Tea

The tasty tea is a favorable drink for a large number of people all over the world. Modern research has shown that tea, and especially green tea is good for our health and it can prevent a lot of illnesses and even a few serious ones t
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Posted in Health & Fitness on July 13, 2016

Modern Cars

Nowadays, cars are packed with technology such as electronic fuel insertion systems, ability to find directions and advanced functions to calculate fuel consumption to the distance of the vehicle in front. A lot of cars can even have the capability to
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Posted in Technology on November 6, 2015

Introduction for raaman

To introduce myself, I am working from my sweet home. Yes. Sweet home! Because my home is sweet to me! Work from home gives me the much needed freedom I always desire. In the same way, it also gives me the flexibility in my working hours where I am my own
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Posted in Personal on August 11, 2014

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