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HypeHair Magazine

My Mother had just given me one of my favorite types of magazines last night before I went into work. The name of the magazine is "HypeHair". I have always loved these hair magazines. I remember my Mother used to purchase them for me when I was about fo
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Posted in Personal on July 20, 2014

Can I Repost My Old Articles From Deleted Bubblews Accounts?

I have a lot of old articles that I had written on a few Bubblews accounts that I had gotten deleted from. My question is, since I no longer have those old Bubblews accounts and my old articles cannot be viewed on the website anymore, will I be allowed to
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Posted in Persona Paper on July 13, 2014

Which Gaming System Do You Prefer - Xbox or Playstation?

Which Gaming System Do You Prefer - Xbox or Playstation?
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Posted in Gaming on July 12, 2014

How Do I Like A Post?

Hi fellow Persona Paper members emoticon :smile: I am new here and I do not know how to like a post. I tried to click on the thumbs up symbol that is visible on the member's profile page, the one that you see before clicking on the link to reveal the full article. Afte
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Posted in Persona Paper on July 12, 2014

Introduction for paradise1897

Hi everyone. I am a CNA and my hobbies are drawing, writing and making music. I can also say that one of my other hobbies is finding great online jobs, like this one XD. Well enough about my internet fetish, and a little more about me :P. My favorite food
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Posted in Personal on July 11, 2014

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