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Just wanted to leave a note saying good-bye. I'll stick my nose in to read and comment until the site is no more, but I won't write any more articles. I am going to miss Persona Paper. No, it isn't the fastest site around and it wasn't p
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Posted in Personal on February 7, 2016

Ghost Story Review: "The Wind in the Rose-Bush" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

Rebecca Flint is going to go get her niece. Her sister has passed away and now her brother in-law as well. Their daughter, Agnes, is being raised by her brother-in-law’s widow, the current Mrs. Dent, Emeline. But now that Rebecca ha
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Posted in Sci Fi & Paranormal on January 28, 2016

Horror Story Review: "The Marmot" by Allison V. Harding

Jim, the narrator of this story tells the reader that he’s never admired his brother, Edward Allis, a vain, selfish blusterer. Edward disappeared after the two split a family inheritance. Jim invested his portion in a business. His
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Posted in Sci Fi & Paranormal on January 27, 2016

Horror Story Review: "He" by H. P. Lovecraft

The unnamed narrator of this little tale begins by saying that coming to New York had been a mistake. He’d been “looking for poignant wonder and inspiration in the teeming labyrinths of ancient streets that twist endlessly from forgotten
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Posted in Sci Fi & Paranormal on January 26, 2016

Science Fiction Short Story Review: "DP" by Arthur Dekker Savage

Allen Kinderwood wanted to spend his last night on earth with the crowds. Right now he was bothered by his forelock—the damn thing was bobbing as he walked. It wasn’t supposed to. It was supposed to be a sort of “peaked crest
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Posted in Sci Fi & Paranormal on January 25, 2016

Movie Review: "The Revenant"

We went to see “The Revenant” yesterday. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but what it turned out to be what a long film, shot in the Canadian wilderness—in winter—with a lot of snow and cold. And a lot of sufferi
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Posted in Movies & TV on January 20, 2016

Science Ficiton Short Story Reivew : "This World Must Die!" by H. B. Fyfe

As the present story begins, Lou Philips is sitting in a control room watching an old man pace. He’s been brought there from the Lunar spaceport for some undisclosed purpose. He dislikes the old man immediately and wants to know what this business is
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Posted in Sci Fi & Paranormal on January 19, 2016

Ghost Story Review: “Miss Jéromette and the Clergyman” by Wilkie Collins

This story is introduced by a man who took the dying confession, so to speak, of his brother, a clergyman. The clergyman brings to his attention the case of a man recently acquitted for the murder of a certain Miss Jéromette. The clergyman knows he
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Posted in Sci Fi & Paranormal on January 18, 2016

Ghost Story Review: "The Old Nurse's Story" by Elizabeth Gaskell

As the title suggests, this story is narrated by an old nurse, Hester, who raised the mother of the children she’s telling the story to. It appears the children have grown up in a happy home, but it soon becomes clear that their mother, Rosamond, kne
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Posted in Sci Fi & Paranormal on January 16, 2016

Horror Story Review: "Left by the Tide" by Edward E. Schiff

The unnamed narrator of this short tale recounts how he rose before everyone else in the hotel to take an early morning plunge at the beach. The tide was out, revealing things that are normally covered with water. He swam out to a small island,
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Posted in Sci Fi & Paranormal on January 15, 2016

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