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The Benefits of Early Morning Sunlight

Oh, the early morning sunlight. Who doesn’t love it? Aside that it is a sign of a great start of your day it is also beneficial to our body. This kind of sunlight is rich in Vitamin D which is very helpful in our health. Some of the benefits
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Posted in Health & Fitness on October 5, 2018

Can I consider myself lucky?

Yeah and if we look at Merriam-Webster dictionary for that word, it means “resulting in good by chance”. This experience of mine seems so unbelievable for me until now. We all know this “Get a chance to win this…” sc
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Posted in Personal on June 28, 2017

Taking an examination

Last month I took the Civil Service Examination, to make the story short, I failed. But I made tirelessly effort and preparation for that exam though it was only self-study. Some of my friends who already passed said they spent their time longer on Maths a
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Posted in Personal on July 6, 2015

What files sucks your phones/sdcard's storage space?

What files sucks your phones/sdcard's storage space?
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Posted in Technology on April 10, 2015

Don't get to confident with dogs

My cousin has a dog named Thoss. He is very cute when he was a puppy and always wanted you to rub his head. Time comes, Thoss grows and change a lot. Long jaws, tall legs, large paws and a little wild attitude, thats why my cousin decided to tie him up at
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Posted in Animals on March 2, 2015

Technician needs to be updated too…

I love android phones, I’m also a fan of customizing and developing, and I think it’s one of my hobbies. Okay, I have three android phones, two of them are Samsung and the other one is only a local brand. All of them are rooted. But due to my
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Posted in Technology on February 14, 2015

Watching DragonBall reminds me of my childhood :D

When I visited my classmate in college in their house, I found her kids are watching Dragon Ball. It's good it's still showing for how many years have past. So I sat to the floor and joined them, reminiscing my childhood. Reminds me of how I mimic the Kame
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Posted in Anime on February 4, 2015

Please be more careful at the road  

Even when you drive carefully you can’t avoid from accident. Yesterday, my parents met an accident. They were riding a single motorcycle. Luckily they got only minor injuries and scratches. It was that elf car, the reason why my parents now is abse
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Posted in Travel on January 22, 2015

I can’t believe I’m still playing NBA2k12

I’m on my 3rd year college, 2nd semester, when I started to play NBA2k12. It’s the only big sized game installed in my laptop. I’ve uninstalled the GTA for the sake of that game, because my laptop has 70GB of hard disk only with windows7
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Posted in Gaming on January 21, 2015

I’ve just realized my daily routine for almost 2 years…

As one of those jobless people, most of my routine is at home. After taking breakfast, I watched TV (Anime) 'til 10am. Then after that will do some household chores. That’ll be washing the dishes, laundering, mopping floors, get rid of cobwebs and du
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Posted in Personal on January 18, 2015

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