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Faced With Difficult Decisions

I can't write 10-15 posts per day. My hand can not handle it and frankly, I do have a life. It may not be much of one, as I sit in my house 98% of the time, but I homeschool my children, clean, cook, take care of all of the bills, indoor animals... My
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Posted in Personal on February 24, 2015

No More Pictures :(

I am sad. My Kodak camera has died and even after letting it sit for several days without batteries in it, then replacing the batteries, it still does not work. This little camera lasted me 5 1/2 years, took many gigabits of pictures as well as videos
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Posted in Random on February 18, 2015

Fundraising Going Well

I have only asked for help once in my life and that was four years ago in 2011, even then I did not ask for money. I asked for help finding a new place to live after being forced out of my home because of the owners inability to pay his bills. At the same
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Posted in Random on February 1, 2015

Trying to Stay Strong

My entire life I have moved from one place to another, mostly here in NY though I lived in Indiana when I was a kid. When I met and married my husband we even had to move a few times until we found a place out in the country. We initially moved into t
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Posted in Personal on January 19, 2015

"Re" Introducing Myself

Over the last few days I have been doing a ton of self reflecting. After "Telling Myself Like It Is" on Bubblews, I made a public apology to my friends on Facebook and by doing so, not only have I found who my true friends are I came to realize how s
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Posted in Personal on January 10, 2015

Swirling Thoughts 1/6/15

Too many things have been going through my head lately, so many that I have not been able to concentrate on any one thought. For starters, my online writing has gone from making nothing at all in 3 years to earning $150 in a year back to nothing at all, r
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Posted in Personal on January 6, 2015

Preparing For Our First Experiment

This week has been mostly about math and reading in our journey into homeschooling, with history of Pilgrims and Indians so I figured we would step away from that and work on a science experiment. What does a picture of a turkey have to do with science? We
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Posted in Science on November 29, 2014

It's Official!

For over a decade I have researched homeschooling on the internet, most of the information I would have had to pay for. This deterred me and I ended up placing my children in public school to avoid legal action against me. As the years passe
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Posted in Parenting on November 15, 2014

Restoring My PC

My PC is turning 3 years old, it crashed in February and hasn't been running smooth ever since. I don't have enough for a new PC, though I managed to earn enough Amazon Codes to order a portable hard drive to ensure that I save my photos, unlike the ones I
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Posted in Technology on October 25, 2014

Pressure Canning

I learned how to can last year using the Water Bath technique and my first recipe was Dilly Beans (boy were they good). I even pickled some vegetables and made Sauerkraut but what I really wanted, was to be able to can meat. I needed a Pressure Cooker
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Posted in Personal on October 15, 2014

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