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1lb of turmeric root

FINALLY ordered fresh turmeric root thru from a company in California. Looked high and low for it in two states around where I live, but no luck finding it. Fresh organic ginger root yes, turmeric no. Ordered it Friday morning, it shipped within a
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Posted in Food on February 23, 2016

Cutting the cord

As of this morning we no longer have a landline in our house. The phone number I've had since shortly after college is now available for adoption by someone else. Been 30 some odd years since I got the number. I'd had a different number for a little
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Posted in Personal on February 8, 2016


Starting this week we now have single stream (sort of) recycling here in town. After years of having to sort and bring my recycling into town, I was happy to have curbside when we moved to the new place. Tho having to sort and drag the small bins they prov
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Posted in Personal on February 4, 2016


Got cold again and we have snow in the near forecast. Was so enjoying the slightly warmer weather (low 40s). Ah well, spring is coming. Had to scrape the frost off the car this morning. Wonder what it would cost to put a remote start on it so I can have it
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Posted in Personal on February 3, 2016

Have I ever mentioned I love my slow cookers?

If not, I so love them. If I have, I can't say it enough LOL!!! I have 3, 2 are regular style crock slow cookers (6 qt and a 2 qt) and the 3rd is a metal casserole with a glass lid that sits on the heating part. That one I like as I've used it for oven co
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Posted in Food on January 25, 2016


Hubby bought a over the Thanksgiving holiday and we've been loving it. This looks like a good replacement for our media center, tho we will be losing a bit of some of the things on the media center we like. There are tons of channels on it, the best
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Posted in Reviews on January 21, 2016

I am so never going to be a morning person

You would think that after ghodz know how many years of working 9-6 I would be used to getting up in the mornings. Nope, give me the slightest chance and I am sleeping in. Going on week 3 of early morning pool and crawling out of bed is still like pulling
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Posted in Personal on January 20, 2016


That is me on Monday as I was getting ready to hit the therapy pool for the pool for class. I am not looking thrilled. One because I was just back from a 10 day break and two, it was too & %^$%# early to be up. Class is at 8am, so the alarm w
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Posted in Personal on January 8, 2016

Working on taking more photos

Over the break I took the time to get out and take while up in Spokane at Manito Park and then at the Arboretum here in Moscow. I need to really get back into getting my photos out there. Been reading up on tips on how to get more exposure. Been s
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Posted in Pictures on January 7, 2016

Homemade corn tortillas

Picked up a tortilla press a few months back at the Mexican grocery up in Spokane WA and now that things are finally settling down I am working on making my own corn tortillas instead of buying the store bought kind. While they are ta
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Posted in Food on January 5, 2016

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