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30. Idyll:Category Challenge: Family

The most easiest category to attempt Dawnwriter 's . Family is the combination of people who are bond to be together. I think no one can love you than your family members in the world. For me, if someone ask me what i
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Posted in Family on November 25, 2014

29. Yayyyy hit my FIRST ONE Dollar !

Yayyy It is less than a hour after submitting my no.28 post about expecting of my first dollar at Persona Paper. Now I receive it with 998 coins. The exchange rate is 0.0010 so I didn't expect I could hit my first dollar with 998 coins however whe
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Posted in Personal on November 24, 2014

28. Only 1 Cent away to hit my first dollar

I have been on Persona Paper for more than a month and today I receive 990 coins so far. It is equivalent to 0.99 cents. I hope I can hit my on Persona Paper today. Although I am more than 30 days at here, I only could submit 28 posts (include
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Posted in Personal on November 24, 2014

27. Idyll:Category Challenge: Entertainment

Among all forms of Entertainment, I prefer listening to music and follow by watching TV series at home. For music, I like Rock genre and Bon Jovi is my favorite singer. I like most of his songs. "It is my life" "Living on a Prayer" "Thank You f
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Posted in Entertainment on November 23, 2014

26. Idyll:Category Challenge: Design

This is my attempt to Dawnwriter 's . Due to my workload and housework I couldn't not post under this challenge as many as I can. I think this is my 6th attempt. Related to the word "Design", it is the one of the subject I
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Posted in Design on November 21, 2014

25. How many times do you watch yourself in the mirror in a day?

25. How many times do you watch yourself in the mirror in a day?
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Posted in Personal on November 19, 2014

24. Idyll:Category Challenge: Business

Business: The category is a bit wide range so I better narrow down to the business which is related to me, right now. I am currently working for the bank. Previously I thought that Bank is the luxury business. In reality, I must say I am wrong. The banking
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Posted in Business on November 18, 2014

23. Idyll:Category Challenge: Breaking News

For this topic, there are so many things to touch in these days. Should I talk about Asia, Europe or which regions. It is hard to decide it so better talk about myself emoticon :grin: Yeah, I,myself have the breaking news to share with you. It is that
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Posted in Breaking News on November 18, 2014

22. What is Tsu?

I have been reading about Tsu more at here in these days. I understood that it is similar to facebook but we can earn money there. From the referral link of one of Persona Paper's friend but I lost at the sign up page. So I am wondering if any of you can e
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Posted in Random on November 17, 2014

21: Craving for Pizza

I am hungry and craving for pizza after reading of my PP friend's post. I know myself that I like fast food and mostly western. But lately I realized that Pizza is also my all time food choice whenever I am hungry or happy. Yes. I've some food which I take
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Posted in Food on November 16, 2014

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