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Korean Drama Series and Movies

It's been 10 years that my family and I are watching Korean Drama or Korean Novelas. It's been translated to Filipino and are being aired on 2 Leading Television Networks here in the Philippines. The likes of Lee Min Ho, Song Seung Hun, Ha Ji Won, K
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Posted in Movies & TV on July 13, 2014

JULY, My Birth Month

Obviously, it's my favorite month. Twenty Six days to go and I will be turning 44. Don't forget to greet me on that day, my friendly followers (joke).... hahaha emoticon :smile: Time flies so fast. Getting older each year. Not as active and vibrant as before. Always c
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Posted in Personal on July 3, 2014

Can't Please Everybody

As the saying goes, "we cannot please everybody". Well, true... there will be somebody out there who will not like us, who will snob us, who will judge us wrongly. Whatever there reasons, we'll just have to accept and live with it . It may be hurting or
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Posted in Random on July 2, 2014

A Little Something About Myself

A wonderful day to Everyone all over the world. Without further ado, I am Rithcel Soriano- Sanchez. You can call me "Chel" for short. A Filipino, born and raised in the Philippines, 43 years old, married, but with no kids. I am a Register
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Posted in Personal on June 25, 2014

Finally, I'm " I N " here

I can't believed that I'm now part of personapaper. I'm happy to be here guys. I've long been waiting for this. Imagine, while signing up 2 weeks ago, typing some important details of myself, when suddenly... kaboom, I was so shocked to see on scr
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Posted in Random on June 23, 2014


A wonderful Tuesday evening from my home to yours. Wow, good to have known this new online site. Another opportunity to meet great writers all across the globe. One more thing, this is additional income, I must honestly say. I just heard about this from
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Posted in Personal on June 23, 2014

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