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Home Based e-Educator

I have been busy these past days applying for a job as a home based e-educator in one of the reputable and reliable online English schools based here in my country. The process of applying on line is easy. I just filled out the form provided and clicked su
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Posted in Personal on January 5, 2015

Going Southwest

Shown in this picture is the national road going up to the southwestern part of my province. Its loaded with blind curves and is accident prone though the condition of the road is good. Big commercial passenger buses regularly ply or "fly" through this&nbs
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Posted in Travel on December 15, 2014

Our Sinulog Fiesta

January 18,2015 will be the third sunday of the year 2015. It will also be the date for our Sinulog Festival. It's the yearly celebration of our city's fiesta. Lots of local and foreign tourists will be coming to our city to celebrate with us. Hotels all o
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Posted in Holidays on December 13, 2014

Its My Fathers Birthday Today!

My father; Cecilio Loreto Arriaga Alcoseba; was born on December 11, 1925. He would have been eighty nine years old today if he hadn't died thirty one years ago at the age of fifty-eight. He married my mother; Filomena Vinaloga Alcoseba; on February 12,195
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Posted in Personal on December 11, 2014

The Chainless Foundation: Finished Project

I finally finished my sling bag project using for the first time the chainless foundation. My initial target date of completion was the second week or middle of November but i encountered some problems with the sling component so i had to make anothe
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Posted in Personal on December 10, 2014

My Response

This is my response to AngelSharum's post "Our Christmas Decorations" ( Nov.30,2014). I am posting a photo of my window Christmas decorations. Shown in this photo are my three Christmas wreaths which i bought for my Mother. The two small ones i
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Posted in Personal on December 5, 2014

Dying in the Philippines

Dying is not cheap here in my country. With this in mind lots of Filipinos have opted to avail of pre-need memorial plans to ensure that in case of their death their bodies would be properly taken cared of and not be left in a hospital morgue to rot or som
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Posted in Personal on December 2, 2014

Moles to the Left Moles to the Right

Some ancient wise men said that moles have meanings. Some say moles on the right side of the face or body have good or positive meanings while those found on the left side have negative meanings. Take for example my mole on the upper rig
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Posted in Personal on November 25, 2014

My Dear Friend Franco F

I received news today through Facebook that my dear friend Franco Ferragonio passed away last November 20,2014. He was an Italian - American who lived in Perrysville, Pynnsylvania with his Filipina wife and beloved dog Ernie. He was very good in spea
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Posted in Relationships on November 22, 2014

Papaya Soap

For almost five years now i have been using papaya soap for my face. I love how it makes my facial skin feel smoother and fresher. When i was younger i just used ordinary bathing soap but now that i am older i prefer use a deep cleansing soap like papaya s
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Posted in Beauty on November 18, 2014

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