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My Kind Of Corona

Hi PPers. Been awhile since I wrote a post here. Figured I'd start with my kind of Corona... Corona Extra to be exact! As you can see from the photo, mine is ice cold straight from the fridge. It is ice cold and has the consistency of a 7-11 Slurp
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Posted in Food on September 4, 2020

Member List

What's up Persona Paper peeps? Hope all is fine. Been awhile since I wrote a post, specifically, one week and six days ago. Anyway, so much for my writing resolutions for 2016. Meant to write at least three posts a day here in the site but life had other
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Posted in Persona Paper on January 18, 2016

Being a Bad Connection

It is all downhill from here like what the arrow in the accompanying photo shows. LOL! Wrote awhile back that I wanted to be a bad PPer. Well, a good part of that would be being a bad connection. We have seen our share of awful connections so let me count
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Posted in Persona Paper on October 30, 2015

To Be A Bad PPer!!!

Seriously, I want to be a better PPer. In fact I want to be the best PPer that I could be. I want to be that PPer that other PPers will be proud of. The PPer who'll be the blueprint for Persona Paper success. Redemptions like I was withdrawal money from th
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Posted in Persona Paper on October 30, 2015

Well, I Wasn't Gone Long...

Well, I wasn't gone long. Decided against going out to do some errands after I made my previous post. I'm staying put. I'll make more post and read and comment on other PPers' posts. So far the highlight of my day was watching that new Star Wars trailer. O
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Posted in Random on October 20, 2015

The Weekend That Never Was Part 2

Previous weekend was not good, wrote a post about it and I thought that was it but I was wrong! Last weekend October 3 and 4, ther were a good number of activities that I wanted to attend to. There was the event that featured booths sel
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Posted in Random on October 6, 2015

The Weekend That NEVER Was!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015, here in Manila. In the other parts of the world, it is still Monday night for you. Go ahead and enjoy your game between the and the . I figured since it is still Monday out there
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Posted in Random on September 21, 2015

Baggage Battles - allen0187's T.V. Thoughts

Second post for July 21. Good morning to all the local PPers out there. To those bubblers living in the other side of the world, hope your evening is turning out fine. Local time is 8:45 am. Got to watch some TV last night and decided to write down some
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Posted in Movies & TV on July 20, 2015

Three Posts So Far...

Made three posts so far while at 'work'. Of course, all posts are random... kinda. I wrote about being a bookworm , having oatmeal and M&ms for breakfast , and a game that I'm playing called bookworm as well. Now, I know
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Posted in Random on July 12, 2015

Bookworm - allen0187's Game Play

From being a bookworm to playing 'Bookworm'... almost 8:30 am here in Manila. Just finished playing a game of 'Bookworm' in my laptop. Not really sure how this game got in my laptop. Can't recall asking for this one. Anyway, I decided to check i
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Posted in Gaming on July 12, 2015

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Good to see you back here!

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Hey, I miss seeing you around--hope all is well!

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Hey there! It's good to see you on here Allen! :)

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