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Record Management

The term record may be defined as any written data made for further use. This term includes all forms of Information used by any Organisation whether in the form of correspondence, vouchers, registers, files, tapes, or Microfilms The following types o
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Posted in Business on May 16, 2015

Addicted to a soft drink

Drinks once used to possess a remote corner of your completely stuffed fridge. Individuals used to take these beverages as 'taste changers' on occasion. Would you be able to accept that.! I've even seen such situations where soda pops didn't even had a spo
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Posted in Entertainment on May 15, 2015

Have A Best Friends Yet

A companion is the coolest thing ever happened to a human. Ever thought how wonderful is it to have somebody with the same likes and abhorrences as yours and to have somebody as mischievous and imbecilic and insane as you! You are loaded with an uniquely w
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Posted in Family on May 15, 2015

Sex Education Is Important

Education is very important for everyone whether a poor boy or a rich boy. When it comes to sex, some parents are not comfortable talking about it. But they should also consider the fact that sex education is important to be discussed with their children b
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Posted in Books on May 15, 2015

Introduction for aditya29best

My name is aditya singh. I am a student doing BCA. My hobbies are to play cricket and watch lot of television and to play online and offline games with friends. I am also interested in the blogging field. I have my own website and working with few blog
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Posted in Personal on December 5, 2014

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