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In the year 4016

Two thousand years from now an Archaeologist will be poking around the remains of what was once the New York Subway System, and he will stumble across the remains of a tweeker & his under ground living space.... He will be thought of as "the role mod
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Posted in Humor on January 14, 2016

An ACTIVE DUTY Army Medic speaks out to the world

I try to take most things I that I see on the internet with a grain of salt.. I am a fairly smart individual, I think.. Our country is currently debating the subject of letting Syrian Refugees into the USA. I have read many opinions, of both sides of th
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Posted in Breaking News on November 22, 2015

Persona Paper - My first week

I'm the new guy here at Persona Paper... I have been here a week today... I have made some new friends... Found some other people who have blogged at another site that I used to post my special brand of jibberish on.. I have made a whopping whole 36 ce
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Posted in Persona Paper on November 22, 2015

Why I can not be a real news correspondant

I love writing things that i know other people will read... Before there was the internet, there was bathroom walls to leave your choice poetry scrawled upon... Graffiti was the communication devise, of the young mass
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Posted in Humor on November 22, 2015

Sometimes, you just need to Clown Around

Do I really believe some of the outrageous things that I choose to write about here? Not really... Sometimes, I'm just Clowning Around... Provoking commentary from the reader... Why would I choose to do this, when I'm not the one who gets paid for c
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Posted in Writing on November 21, 2015

ISIS fighters are TWEEKERS

It's been said that there is little hope, when trying to negotiate with a terrorist... It only prolongs the inevitable, and provides a larger audience for the nut case... No matter what God you worship, or what church you attend, if you are a rationa
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Posted in Humor on November 21, 2015

I gave my retirement fund to the church

Why is it that you learn the same exact few things, in all christian religions? I'm not talking the spiritual stuff... That is between each man (woman) & the God they worship... I'm talking the two golden rules of being a "member in good faith"....
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Posted in Humor on November 21, 2015

Donald Trump Excommunicated By Vatican Pope

Donald Trump's stance on refugees seems to got him in trouble at church... He sounds more like Adolf Hitler, than an American... He wants regulations placed on refugees, that are unrealistic at best.. This angered The Most Holy Pope... The Pope of the
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Posted in Politics on November 21, 2015

Is The Vatican funding ISIS?

Is The Vatican providing funds to ISIS to protect themselves, as they did with the Nazi Regime during World War Two? I am not a Muslim, nor am I a Protestant Christian bent upon creating a war upon good people of Catholic faith. I am a history buff, espe
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Posted in Politics on November 21, 2015

Are Muslim believers really America's enemies?

America's intelligence agencies have put it into The People's Heads, that America is involved in some kind of "Holy War".... They blame all the current violence on The Muslim Faith... Nothing could be further from the actual truth... If we are tru
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Posted in Humor on November 20, 2015

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