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Melania's Middle Finger

Okay, so...'re about to go visit some incarcerated kids who have committed no crimes. They may be in metal cages. A significant chunk of the world is "watching" - admittedly through the lenses of journalists [Vermin!] and ones who are not allowed a
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Posted in Animals on June 22, 2018

Saddest Joke of the Day

So what do Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have in common? Their favourite Beatles song: Fool on the Hill. Ahhh... What to say. Trump certainly had the kisses out this week. Instead of asking the Chinese leader about his country's part in destroying the
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Posted in Politics on November 11, 2017

President Pathological Liar

Okay, another kick at the can. I submitted a "piece" last night but realize now it likely got rejected because I didn't have available credit for the photographer of a photograph of the always fascinating mouthpiece DJ Tromp. Still can't find the origina
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Posted in Animals on January 28, 2017

No One Home

So I went walking around the neighbourhood. Knocking on doors. To say hello. I did not realize - until now - that this - as behaviour - is no longer done. I wanted advice on a pie I was intending to bake - rhubarb with fruit flies. The silence was enorm
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Posted in Breaking News on July 20, 2016

America the Psychotic

Hey folks. I'm sitting here in Canada going to America - okay please let the joke end? I mean, we had a tool by the name of Harper in the "driver's seat" for a little while, but it was partially due to the fact that 33% of our population has ALWAYS been Co
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Posted in Politics on July 19, 2016

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"Sometimes I am convinced that triangle is another word for stupidity, that 8 times 8 is madness or a dog..." [Julio Cortazar]

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