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Respect to Others

Everyone doesn't have the mind and human consciousness to the importance of other people's. Within the boundaries of the earth itself is much more important to the people of his own. This is natural law. Many will deny, but it really is true. But
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Posted in Writing on October 2, 2014

Definition of Kiss.

What is the Kiss? (A funny post) Definition of Kiss: - According to the Geometry: Kiss is the minimum distance of the two lips. According to the Economics: "It is such a thing, which demand is always greater than supply.  
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Posted in Entertainment on September 11, 2014


When we talk with other sometime we just involve in argument. Sometime we are argument about politics and some time in other subject of life. People said here this is not an intelligent decision that you involve in argument and intelligent
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Posted in Humor on July 16, 2014

Remote Control

In radio TV we use remote to change the channel. It is really important for modern this we can use anything from remote distance. Like we can use fan, AC, TV, any types of electronics tools we use remote. To make this remote here need some materials.
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Posted in Movies & TV on July 13, 2014

Every man is Unique.

You are separated from everyone and all the best - in the world you are in particular one person, Please do not insult the God to look down on yourself. The God created you with best suitable. You are a man that the other person does not as like y
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Posted in Humor on June 22, 2014

About SkyLark

In The Name of Almighty Allah Hi Dear all, how are you all today? I hope everyone is well as almighty Allah. Friends, i am new here in personpaper, hope so everyone welcome to me, i am Sumaiya Simu, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My religion is Islam
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Posted in Personal on June 9, 2014

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