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B.C. long weekend

Is it true that we more credits, for the amount of views we get on our posts here. The idea of liking others posts we do not earn that penny? Just wondered as I read it somewhere else. I will have to work hard to get vi
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Posted in Holidays on July 29, 2014


Blogging and having a site where you pick your favorite topics. You not only have to have a reasonable interest in your blog, you need to have one that you will feel motivated to write on. If you pick a topic that you do not
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Posted in Business on July 25, 2014

To find the right niche

To find the right niche to write about , and to put the amount of work into. As I read somewhere that one has to have up to fifty blogs in order to find out if any of them are going to work. I think that is enormous&nbs
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Posted in Business on July 23, 2014

Cleaning Carpets

Hello, I wanted to share the good news about our carpet cleaner. I know it is general but we bought a carpet cleaner, it does a fantastic job. It is small enough to manage with. It is the kind that you plug
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Posted in Entertainment on July 23, 2014

Life After Death

There are so many different beliefs on this topic. There are the many Churches, who seem to have their own rules, about things they have not experienced yet. Some may have in terms of a person who is terminal ,&n
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Posted in Spirituality on July 19, 2014

Meditation and relaxation

I wanted to share with you that I have learned a great deal on Meditation. That is why I put this in the Health and Fitness category. Meditation is extremely good for stress, and anxiety. It calms you, soothes yo
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Posted in Health & Fitness on July 17, 2014

Introduction for Sharonc

Hello, it is nice to meet you all. I would like to share a bit about myself, so that you know me a little better. I work part time cleaning condos for seniors, and then I put my focus into my writing. I enjoy the writing so much and it has provided a gr
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Posted in Personal on July 9, 2014

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