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Bubblews Paid Me..

Yes Bubblews paid my my biggest E-check ever and probably my last there if they do not adjust the earning rates there. I am so impressed that i will clear some of my debts, and i am generally impressed about the site, though many have left due to turning f
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Posted in Writing on January 21, 2015

My coins Are Increasing..

On my first day of persona paper writing, i did eight posts, it was not easy at all for the first day but i did them. My coins then were growing very slowly,but since i left the site, i am back and i see my coins have increased. That means people have been
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Posted in Persona Paper on January 18, 2015

Asking A man Out

Life today has changed. It is not the way it used to be during the time when our parents were young and dating. Life is reversing roles, and i do not know why. Sometimes it seems to me that early life and guidelines were better than today. I have seen and
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Posted in Relationships on January 16, 2015

Signs Of True Love..

Signs of true love are today not easy to notice, but they are real and can be seen in our actions mostly. In Love their is patience and correction. Someone who loves you will correct you and tell you the truth. In true love there is forgiveness and under
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Posted in Relationships on January 16, 2015

Getting Out Of The Comfort Zone..

Are you probably in a comfort zone where you hope that you will automatically get everything that you need? We need to get out of the comfort zone and begin to thrive for what we actually want. Nothing Good comes easily. When we talk about fasting, its no
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Posted in Business on January 16, 2015

Are You Satisfied?Satisfaction and Contentment

There is a big difference between satisfaction and contentment. we get satisfied when we possess what we need, and we get contented when we accept ourselves the way we are and with what we have. We should never be satisfied in life, but we must always be
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Posted in Beauty on January 16, 2015

Natural Tips To Good Health and Keeping Fit All Time

It is always good to keep and stay fit always . Firstly, practice taking 1.5 litre of water every morning when you wake up. This should be taken in less than five minutes and will help flash out your body from toxic substances. Its much better way than jog
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Posted in Health & Fitness on January 16, 2015

My first day on Persona paper..

Hey guys, this is my first day here on persona - paper and i believe its so good being here. I have been on other sites too which i believe many here have also been there. I have already posted two articles and i can say things are not bad here. There is h
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Posted in Persona Paper on January 16, 2015

How to Pass An Interview

This is just how to pass an interview.. Once you are invited for a job interview you had applied for, kindly go back to the job advertisement, hoping that you kept a copy, and study the job requirements. Study all the duties one by one and know everything
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Posted in Business on January 16, 2015

Just did a Job Interview

Well today I am happy to share with you that I just did a job interview with a local bank and I am pretty sure that I did it well and will got the high probability to get the job. It will be a big blessing for me from God this year, and I must say I have h
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Posted in Business on January 16, 2015

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