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Getting A Dog For Free

How can you get a dog for free? For years we have really wanted to get a dog but when we think about it, the initial cost of getting the breed we want is ridiculous not to mention all the essentials so we keep putting it off. Last week I noticed so
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Posted in Animals on June 14, 2015

Missing the House Martins

House Martin nest collapsed If you've not heard of them, a House Martin is a bird which migrates to the UK each year usually around April and leaves again for Africa about October. You could easily mistake these birds for Swallows with their similar colou
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Posted in Animals on June 13, 2015

Charity YouTube Channels - Wildlife

Donate to charity by watching videos Did you know that each time you watch a YouTube video, if the uploader has ads on that video, he/she will earn money from it? It has become quite a big business with many individuals focusing solely on making v
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Posted in Animals on June 13, 2015

Stephen Fry to marry comedian Elliot Spencer

Stephen Fry admits he is to wed 27 year old Elliot Spencer This is a lovely story to wake up to! Stephen Fry has always been a prolific Twitter user so it doesn't come as much as a surprise he has confirmed there he is to wed his partner, the
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Posted in Breaking News on January 6, 2015

Something New In 2014

Tell me something you did in 2014 that you hadn't done before The most recent trip away I took had to be one of the highlights of the year. I stayed in a small B&B (not new - done that before) but this one was a little different. Openin
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Posted in Personal on January 5, 2015

The Kipling Alexane Shoulder Bag

The Kipling Alexane Shoulder Bag I was lucky enough to receive the Kipling Alexane Shoulder Bag free from Amazon Vine a few months ago and it quickly became my go-to bag for everyday use during winter. There are 4 colour options available and I ha
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Posted in Reviews on January 5, 2015

Introduction for PineMartens

Happy New Year! Well I am Debbie from the United Kingdom and I work as a social media manager for a few different businesses including London hotels, pet, fragrance and digital pens, article writer, blogger, and would probably be found making coffee for ev
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Posted in Personal on January 2, 2015

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