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Spring Scallop Bargello Needlepoint Design

The in this picture reminds me of the beginning of the spring season. It was stitched on Day 2 of the one-year . Notice how the stitches create a rolling and undulating effect that makes one think of spring
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Posted in Art on June 11, 2014

One Year of Bargello Needlepoint

I enjoy ; but mostly I am passionate about . Unlike traditional stitches that are worked diagonally across a single thread; most are worked either horizontally or vertically
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Posted in Art on June 10, 2014

Romper Room - A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Do you remember watching on TV when you were a kid? This was a very popular children's TV show which first aired in the early 1950s not too long after TV was invented! It was one of my favorite shows; and subsequently one of my two kids' favor
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Posted in Entertainment on June 10, 2014

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