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Cool Car!

What a flash looking car. I took this photo in a park in Adelaide whilst I was waiting for my daughter. The entire car is very clean and certainly shinning beautifully in the sun shine. I would think these very nice wheels would take a great deal of tim
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Posted in Family on February 4, 2016

Lovers Chair!

My photo is of my mother and fathers chair which I have it now. My parents bought this on one of their holidays and when they returned dad put it together and he oiled it to protect it against our dry heat. It used to live out the back yard under their v
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Posted in Family on February 4, 2016

Water Slide in Broken Hill!

You will find this great slide here in the Broken Hill at the Regional Aquatic Centre in McCulloch Street. As I cannot swim I actually haven’t been on this great slide but I like watching others enjoy it especially when it’s over 40 deg C. Ju
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Posted in Holidays on February 4, 2016

Artist Howard William Steer

My photo show you Howards’ Art Gallery in Broken Hill. Howard is only one of the many famous artists Broken Hill has produced. Howards colourful gallery follows the bright and colourful colours he uses in many of his paintings. Majority of his pai
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Posted in Art on January 20, 2016

Olary Hotel in South Australia!

What a great place to have a nice cool drink whilst travelling. I took this photo a while ago as I passed through this quaint little town on my way down the Barrier Highway going to Adelaide. Olary is situated around the railway line and was established
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Posted in Holidays on January 20, 2016

But Mum?

What a very handsome young man is my little man, my grandson. My photo shows you my grandson and his name is Charlie. His expressions on his face at times you would think he is human. Since he has had his stitches two weeks ago my daughter has been lett
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Posted in Animals on January 20, 2016

Can you see cats; how many?

My photo show you my bed and some of my cats who just love sleeping on it as it is the warmest room in my previous house. My cat family consists of a father Roger, a mother Ostaria and four kittens Pepsi, Arura, Angel and Phantom. We also had two dogs Fr
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Posted in Animals on January 20, 2016

What a View!

Can you image anything nicer than seeing this wonderful site? Last summer I was lucky enough to spend a week at Glenelg in Adelaide. We stayed at a motel in walking distance from this lovely beach. I never get sick of this beautiful site, how could anyo
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Posted in Holidays on January 20, 2016

Adelaide Cool Cars!

Last time I visited my children in Adelaide I took these photos. On our leisurely drive around Adelaide on a Sunday afternoon my daughter and I came across these really cool cars which are shown in my photo. It seemed like a flee market with the car disp
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Posted in Entertainment on January 20, 2016

A Beautiful Pathway in a Park!

Last time I was in Adelaide I discovered this beautiful parkland. I was walking around waiting for my daughter to finish her tasks at the Council Building which was close by to my photo. The pathway went on and on finally ending up at a large oval at the
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Posted in Pictures on January 20, 2016

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