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Religious freedom and healthcare

I meant to write this post about five days ago, but got caught up in a few other projects. As I've mentioned before, by trade, I'm trained as a clinical mental health counselor. This is the first time I think I've even said this in writing, but I chose to
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Posted in Politics on February 26, 2015

Been gone, but I'm back

I just realized that it's been five days since I posted, at least that's what the article interface says. I'm not even sure where time went. Honestly, I've gotten a little bit burned out on the site. Although I don't write here for the money, the money
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Posted in Personal on February 26, 2015

Finally got some of my life coaching stuff on the web!

I've been working forever and a day to launch my life coaching business. I registered my domain and tried to get my website set up about a month ago, but for some reason, am experiencing massive technical fail. (I'm going to have to get my best f
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Posted in Business on February 20, 2015

Updated Writing Site Review: Linker Zone

Earlier this week, I posted about a new site I found, Linker Zone. I decided to give it a try and see if it was worth the time. Like Personal Paper, it works on a points system. That said, the points are dictated by your "star level" which depends on how
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Posted in Writing on February 20, 2015

I got 99 problems, but warm weather ain't one

This morning, the thermometer in my car said it was 11° outside. Being from Florida, I don't really understand 11°. It's a baffling, painful novelty. By that, I mean that the ice on the trees is cool and I kind of like the crunch of the grass, but other
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Posted in Personal on February 20, 2015

Writers: What projects are you working on right now?

As I've mentioned before, I'm slightly slowing down my counseling practice to free up time for my doctoral work. (I did accept a new client yesterday, but it was somebody I've seen before. In fact, it was my first client after I graduated from my counselin
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Posted in Writing on February 19, 2015

My first baby-sitting job in almost 15 years

When I was in college, I was offered a job as a nanny for British diplomats. I have been working at a bookstore for most of my college years, but the pay was pretty low and I ended up spending all of my checks on books, so I never really came out ahead.
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Posted in Parenting on February 19, 2015

No Coffee Day 2: A Lent Story

No Coffee Day 2: A Lent Story Although I stopped going to my Catholic Church over the summer and have joined up with the Independent Fundamental Baptists, Southern Baptists, and Holiness, deep down, I'm still a Catholic. Why I walked away from the C
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Posted in Holidays on February 19, 2015

Do you like multipart posts?

Do you like multipart posts?
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Posted in Persona Paper on February 18, 2015

Sharing personal stories online

I try to be very careful about what and how much I share on the Internet. I maintains a blog that pretty much share every detail of my life for seven years. The good thing is, that was at the talents of my college years and my early 20s, when there wasn't
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Posted in Writing on February 18, 2015

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