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Spring is on the way

At last the clouds are lifting, the sky is patched with breaking clouds and a blue background is expanding fast. The sun is attempting to break through and I am beginning to anticipate Spring arriving on the doorstep tomorrow morning. In spite of the incl
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Posted in Gardening on March 7, 2015

Long Haired Lucy

We have three cats, Toby I have already written about, Minnie a cat who prefers to be out all day and on our bed at night, and Lucy who prefers to be in most of the day and night. It is Lucy I would like to introduce you to in this article. Lucy w
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Posted in Animals on March 5, 2015

Neighbourly problems.

For several years now we have been disturbed by a neighbour’s generator. We received a hostile reception when we asked him to cover it to lessen the noise and although he has a quieter one that he used last summer this year he is using the old one ag
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Posted in Animals on February 25, 2015

A Useful Craft

A number of years ago I started making jewellery, mostly to sell to friends. My daughter had introduced me to the craft and I got ‘hooked’ in more ways than one. It is a cheap hobby requiring three basic inexpensive tools and once the trick of
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Posted in Fashion on February 22, 2015


I have a small basket in which I keep a number of stones. They are not precious ones in any sense but they have somehow caught my imagination in various ways. Some I have bought, others I have simply found. I often pick up the basket and thumb through them
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Posted in Random on February 19, 2015

Toby - a surprising gift

Toby the kitten did not choose to live with us, and we certainly did not choose him. One of our dogs, Teddy, brought him home in his mouth and dumped him on the lawn. That was a couple of months ago and at that time he was a scrawny kitten, half st
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Posted in Animals on February 17, 2015

Sales Fever

For 4 weeks now the shops have been offering clothes at anything from a 10% to 50% reduction. The winter stocks have to be depleted to make way for lighter garments as Spring is at the door. As we had to go to one of the larger towns today we made
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Posted in Fashion on February 7, 2015

The Thing about Housework...

The thing about housework is that it never ends. Just lately I have been doing some extra jobs in the hope that when everything around me is kept tidy I will spend less time cleaning up and clearing up. So far it hasn’t worked, I’ve just been b
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Posted in Random on February 5, 2015

Abandoned Dogs

Abandoned Dogs While we were walking by the sea this morning my husband heard the sound of puppies crying. It came from a disused hut on the beach. When he investigated he saw that four black puppies had been left there. They could not get out because of
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Posted in Animals on February 3, 2015

A Windy Interlude

This morning I was determined not to spend all day working. My husband wanted to go for an early walk, but I had two piles of ironing waiting for me so we compromised and took a mid morning walk instead. The sun was bright, the sky was blue but the wind w
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Posted in Health & Fitness on February 3, 2015

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I have started following you my friend. Glad to meet you here.

February 28, 2015, 5:49 AM

Happy to have a new you as a new friend. Reading your work now.

February 27, 2015, 10:28 AM

I read your article about "All the way from Africa" and I too was deceived by the sand. We were driving toward church and I looked in the sky and said, "Look at the full moon!" My husband replied, "That's the sun, not the moon. We are having a sand storm from Africa."

February 3, 2015, 6:51 AM

Following you Lavender

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