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Are You The Oldest?

Being the oldest child comes with many perks but it also come with unwanted responsibility. Being the oldest child myself I speak from first hand experience. I spent many days babysitting and changing diapers and pulls up. As the oldest I got blamed for no
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Posted in Personal on October 17, 2014

Green Tea

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, however, green tea is becoming increasingly popular due to many health benefits. Green tea may help with cancer, improve the function of the brain, and weight loss along with many other things. Here is
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Posted in Health & Fitness on October 16, 2014

What is Your Favorite Movie?

My favorite movie is The Wood. The Wood is a coming to age story about threw friends that come together for one of the friends wedding. Roland wedding day has arrived and he is nowhere to be found. However, Roland ends up at his ex-girlfriend house a
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Posted in Movies & TV on October 15, 2014

Reasons to Earn Online

Earning money online is a new trend. With that being said you there are several reasons why you should work online. After reading this article you want to earn a living online like many other are doing. Flexibility in Hours For those who seek to
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Posted in Persona Paper on September 26, 2014

Pros and Cons of Content Mills

Content mills are online site that allow writers to claim writing assignments in exchange for money. Writers who write for content mills have the many opportunity of earning a living but you will have your good moment and your bad moments; below are a list
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Posted in Reviews on September 25, 2014

Introduction for Kwriter-25

I am Kendric, I like writing articles and sharing my the information I learn about different subjects. I am a blogger and looking forward to starting my own website in the coming weeks. My areas of concentration will be Health and Fitness and Current Event
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Posted in Personal on September 23, 2014

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