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Decision making

I am not perfect but there are mistakes i cannot see myself making You might see me take a sip of alcohol but i am not stupid to drink myself out I watch teenagers get into drugs and i am sure you do too,this are some of the things you don't have to expe
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Posted in Reviews on December 27, 2015

Kids perfect world

I love kids and i love being in their world. They just have a way of living and a way of attracting people to that world. They got this way of letting go of everything and living to the fullest. One moment you hurt them and the next second they are all smi
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Posted in Reviews on December 27, 2015

What if there was nothing like protection

There is a debate going on in our country which was fueled by a Prolifer Priest. He put up a banner advocating against the use of protection. Catholics don't support the protections used during relationships. Well it is from this issue i got think
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Posted in Reviews on December 11, 2015

I was lost but now i am found; I am back to PP

I joined PP around the time it started and actually i managed to get paid for the first time. Shortly after that i got to volunteer to help school kids in reading and writing. I therefore got posted in a rural area where there was no electricity. I therefo
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Posted in Persona Paper on December 10, 2015

Why do children hate afternoon naps

When at school or once an adult you wish you can get sometime to sleep more,in the morning,during the day or whichever time. However there are so many things to be done and everytime you peep at that To Do List you wish time can be 28 hours instead of 24.
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Posted in Parenting on December 9, 2015

Parenting rule number 1

I wrote this article some minutes ago but when i was submitting my net went down and i lost it. Kind of pissed off that i have to write it a new. Well i was writing about parenting rule number one. It is one that most people don't realized or they just ov
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Posted in Parenting on December 9, 2015

A killing government

I don't really know what else to expect of this government and the politicians. First it was corruption taking its toll on all levels and now it turns out the police are killing innocent people. Recently a grave was discovered in the Northern part of the
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Posted in Politics on December 8, 2015

Got carried away

I got carried away by this and that. The hustles and bustles of this life got me confused. That is not important now what matters is that i am back and here to stay. With the lessons well learnt i look forward to start writing again. Hardships are part of
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Posted in Personal on August 27, 2014


This time persona paper has once again nailed in a super way. Have you guys read the updates on sharing of quality information? Well i have just seen it and i completely agree. Sometimes the information we share around is not to help the other person in an
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Posted in Reviews on July 16, 2014


Persona paper is giving us something to smile despite all and we are very grateful. Right now we are happy to know that we can get to earn by just reading and commenting on other peoples posts and that we appreciate. However there is something to keep in m
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Posted in Reviews on July 15, 2014

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