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90 Degrees of Wrong

I just had something goofy happen to me. My frosty little dog jumped up on my lap to get warm. In doing so he bumped both of my hands while I was trying to type on my keyboard. All of a sudden I was staring at a screen that went 90 degree
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Posted in Technology on November 24, 2015

Write What You Know

It’s tempting to take the old advice about how to make a blog interesting to read… “Write what you know.” Hm… What if I did write what I know, what I have personally experienced for the past three years; pain, betraya
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Posted in Personal on November 24, 2015

Introduction for Jansweeps

I am a wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 7 and a friend to many. My hobbies include gardening, line dancing, photography, crochet, & knitting. Of those listed, gardening is my absolute favorite. I garden year round thanks to my husband who built m
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Posted in Personal on November 21, 2015

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