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Dad Is Now Back Home

This did not post earlier (and I didn't save it either) so I'm having to start again. This isn't the first time I've had to do this (not with this article but with others in the past) and if it carries on, I'm off! Anyway, at least Dad is settling d
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Posted in Personal on April 28, 2015

Dad Will Be Coming Out Of The ARC On Monday

Dad was admitted into the ARC (a rehabilitation centre) after his leg amputation way back on the 5th March 2015. Since then he reckons the physiotherapists have seen him 3 times. Considering that's what he's supposed to be in there for is quite
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Posted in Personal on April 25, 2015

I Won't Be Going To Mum's Tomorrow

I have been keeping in touch with Mum (like I normally do) on the telephone and the other day she told me that it wasn't worth me coming down to Blackpool as Dad is still in the ARC, so my time would be taken up just travelling on the bus (which can take a
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Posted in Personal on April 16, 2015

I Bought A Hydrangea For My Raised Flower Bed

Yesterday we visited Cumbrian Properties as we were dismayed that we weren't getting any physical views on the house, even though it's been reduced for quite some time now. All we got from this inept member of staff was, 'I can't understand why you'v
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Posted in Gardening on April 12, 2015

I Need A Name For My Panda!

Isn't he adorable (yes, he is a he, I've decided) and, believe it or not, this cute little pencil case now has all my Derwent pencils in there..all 27 of them, plus an eraser and pencil sharpener! In fact, I can fit in another 10 pencils in if I wish
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Posted in Humor on April 10, 2015

I Always Forget About This 10 Minute Rule!

I have just tried to submit an article about my new hobby (colouring in adult colouring books) and I had forgotten about the 10 minute gap between articles. I saved it in a draft but that didn't register, so I shall have to try again. Anyway, whilst
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Posted in Personal on April 9, 2015

The Latest On Dad

I do hope this article posts as I have been having tremendous difficulties, not helped by no reply to my complaint..but anyway, here goes. This is the first week back after a two week visit to see Dad and Mum in Blackpool. Overall, things are OK but
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Posted in Personal on April 9, 2015

Little Things Become Big When You Are Stressed

Everything becomes magnified whenever we are stressed. Today has been a very good example. John was off yesterday but worked overnight. He told me he would be back in the house for 2.30am today. This didn't happen. He rang at aroun
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Posted in Personal on March 19, 2015

I Forgot To Mention That Dad Has Bed Sores From His Stay In Hospital

In my previous posts I was mentioning the fact that my Dad cannot have chemotherapy at the moment as the stump from his left leg amputation has to heal fully before that can be done. Anyway, the stump is healing very nicely - according to people in charge
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Posted in Personal on March 18, 2015

Meeting To Be Held At The ARC Tomorrow Regarding Dad

Mum only found out this the other day when she happened to ring up about Dad's chemo (or lack of it) and it is to be held tomorrow at 11pm. Everyone connected with Dad's care will be there as it's important for them to clarify when he is to have some more
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Posted in Personal on March 16, 2015

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