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Thesis Tips

Hi fellow Persona Paper users, I'm here again trying to write sensible article. In the Philippines its December 10, 2014 there are only 14 days before Christmas but that's not the main reason why I wrote this article. I'm currently having a trouble with my
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Posted in Personal on December 10, 2014

What articles do you usually read?

Lately, I became more active and interested in reading blogs from different foreign and local bloggers. I like reading blogs that are entertaining, informative, and useful. In the Philippines, I read David Guison's blog. He's a Filipino male fashion blogge
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Posted in Personal on December 10, 2014

Sarah Geronimo the New Disney Princess

Sarah Geronimo version of the Disney’s The Glow is now up in the Disney Channel Asia’s account on YouTube. The full music video was published last December 7, 2014 currently has 355,288 views. According to Disney Channel Asia, “The Glow&r
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Posted in Animals on December 9, 2014

Excited for Persona Paper

Good day to all Persona Paper users, I'm Lloyd my username here is ideaoverlloyd. This is my first Persona Paper post. My application was approved just today. The signing up system of Persona Paper's is quite difficult. Members here are required to write a
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Posted in Persona Paper on December 9, 2014

Introduction for IDEAOVERLLOYD

I'm Lloyd, a Political Science student from Philippines. I'm currently on my fourth year now. I'm now trying to finish my thesis about politics and social media. I love reading books and watching great movie. My favorite movies are the Chronicles of Narni
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Posted in Personal on December 8, 2014

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