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So I also write on a site called bubblews. Awhile back, I posted some harsh words about my half siblings. Well, my older half sister's aunt has recently made an account for the website. She immediately found me on there and has commented on some of the thi
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Posted in Family on July 8, 2015

I Need Money

I'm going to Florida in September with my dad, my grandma and maybe my aunt. My younger sister wants to go. My mom and I have been saving but its not enough. I'm hoping someone has a recommendation of other writing sites similar to this one but pay more an
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Posted in Personal on June 28, 2015

Have You Seen The Angry Grandpa Show On Youtube?

So on Youtube, there is this old man I think he's 64 or 65. His name is Charles Green. He calls himself The Angry Grandpa. His son Michael films videos of him a few times a week. Most videos are of him having a mental breakdown over something in the news o
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Posted in Video on June 11, 2015

My Opinion On The Fosters Season 3 Episode 1*SPOILERS*

For those of you who are a fan of ABC Family network, you have probably heard of the show called The Fosters. They just started season three. Well, Monday night they aired episode one of their third season. Last season, they left off on a major cliffhanger
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Posted in Movies & TV on June 10, 2015

Introduction for GlitterFreakWantsToAct718

My name is Ariana Mannillo but I go by Ari. I'm 19 from Rochester New York. No, not New York City. I currently don't have a regular job as I have social anxiety and cannot drive. I prefer to stick to online work. Hmm, what else? I'm not very interesting. I
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Posted in Personal on June 8, 2015

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Hello, I'm writing here on Persona too but If you would like to write on a 2-year-old writing site that actually pays while we wait for Persona to pay again, I'm writing there since July 2016. You can watch my YouTube video right here and grab the link in the description, Regards, Andre':

August 24, 2017, 2:32 PM

Hi , following you, have a good day.

July 25, 2015, 1:25 PM

Hi GlitterFreakWantsToAct718 ! I hope you'll have a great time here. I am looking forward to reading your interesting articles.

June 9, 2015, 1:53 AM