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My Inbox Is Always Full

Oh! I have been too busy the fast days. Or maybe I am not really thinking of erasing neither reading the messages sent into my email account. My inbox is full of messages. Last time, I erased messages and down the unread meassages to onlu hundreds Now, the
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Posted in Personal on June 25, 2015

I Am A Filipino

Do you guys love your nation? If you will ask me of my love for my country, yes I do! I love my country and sees the beauty of living here and being a citizen of my country. For me, I was born here in the Philippines and will still die here in my native l
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Posted in Personal on June 25, 2015

I Knew It Today

Oh my, afte a week of returning to this site, I am trying to reach the pay out amount by making myself active in the site. And I had misconceptions about the rules. Until I read about the rules here. I did not knew before that tou can earn points by commen
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Posted in Personal on June 24, 2015

My Baby Is So Cute!

I bet most of the parents would say that their kids are cute! Well, I can feel them. Although my baby got most of her features from her dad, I am very happy because my baby is the most band wonderful gift I received in my life. Well, as of this time she lo
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Posted in Parenting on June 24, 2015

Networking Stuffs

I am thinking on the reason I came back to writing here at persona paper. my firmer colleagues, who were writers too are now investing theur tine, and effort and esoecially their money to networking. I have seen lot of people inviting me and many more of t
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Posted in Business on June 15, 2015

Going Back

I have just came back here after receiving an email from the admin about my inactive account. Well, the last time I was here, I was not able to earn hugr amount of money. That can be because my effort was not enough or just because the site was also still
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Posted in Parenting on June 15, 2015

I love One Piece Anime Series

One Piece is my most loved anime series of all time. There are times that my husband and I would spend the whole day watching recorded anime series. My husband also has character figures that he bought whenever he travels to Japan. He has just shared to me
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Posted in Anime on June 22, 2014

Getting Addicted To Gaming?

Every game is designed to entertain a gamer. Most commonly, it is really very addicting. A player will be motivated to play more often as he or she receives rewards. Honestly, playing the game is just alright. But getting addicted to it results to a disord
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Posted in Gaming on June 21, 2014

Happy To Be Active Again

Oh my! I am so happy that I can now submit article here! The last time, the exchange rate of coins to dollars was 1 coin is to 0.005 dollars. I was so happy that my earnings reached to 20 cents. But the next time time I logged in to my accou
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Posted in Personal on June 21, 2014

Should I Stay The House On Friday The Thirteenth?

Should I Stay The House On Friday The Thirteenth?
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Posted in Personal on June 12, 2014

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