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Walmart's Ice Cream Sandwiches don't melt

The last time I checked, if you leave ice cream out in the sun, it melts. In fact, if you just leave it out on the counter and not refrigerated, it melts. But did you know that Walmart's store brand ice cream sandwiches don't even melt while left out in th
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Posted in Food on August 4, 2014

Riders walked to safety after roller coaster loses power

At my age, I wouldn't even get on a roller coaster anymore, but I used to really enjoy riding them. However, if this happened to me, I would never get on another one again. At the Six Flags park in Jackson, New Jersey, the 9th fastest roller coaster in the
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Posted in Breaking News on August 2, 2014

Alligator in Lake Decatur Illinois

There has been a rumor going around lately in the city where I live at Decatur, Illinois that there is an alligator in our lake. There have been photos spread around that show a rather large alligator in a lake and just recently, a photo with it with a lar
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Posted in Personal on August 1, 2014

What a day! Dryers and Shingles

Yesterday was quite a day. My friend and ex, Brian, stopped over to do his laundry since he doesn't have a washer and dryer. He had been having a for almost a week, but it wasn't getting any better, so I asked if I could take a look. Like his girlfri
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Posted in Personal on July 29, 2014

Vet day for Lexi Lynn

I just got back from the veterinarian with Miss Lexi Lynn who got her annual exam and shots. All I can say is, "Wow, I'm sure glad that is over." Now believe me, I love my Lexi to death, however, she is petrified of everything. Lexi just turned two years o
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Posted in Personal on July 24, 2014

Who would you turn to?

What if you lost everything in maybe a tornado or fire, who would you turn to? If you had insurance on your property, you could probably get most of your belongings back, except for the sentimental things and photos. But what about the devastation you woul
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Posted in Personal on July 22, 2014

It was a great Sunday

I've had a very nice Sunday today. My grown son stopped over to show me his nice Apple Mac Air that he just bought. I have to admit, it is beautiful! I just can't see spending that kind of money on a laptop. Plus it's a little small for me too. I have trou
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Posted in Personal on July 20, 2014

Introduction for CharlotteRaynor

I am a middle-aged divorced woman with one grown son. I live in Illinois with my 2 pups, Lexi Lynn and Ollie and a leopard gecko named Izzy. I am not able to work outside the home so I try to make a little extra money as a freelance writer. I have been wri
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Posted in Personal on July 17, 2014

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