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I've Been Busy On My New Herbal Book

I know, it's been a while since I was here. I've been insanely busy working on a new book. You might remember that I put out Wisdom Bites last month, and I also put out The Dark Side of My Mind Volume 10 and 19 Years, 400 Poems. Well, now I'm working on a
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Posted in Writing on September 22, 2014

My Thoughts on the Bubblews/FaceBook Issue and Some Advice

Oh, there's so much buzz right now because of FaceBook banning Bubblews links. Conspiracy theories abound, and people are all up in arms. I have tried to stay away from the Bubblews mania, but I'm going to throw my two cents in. People probably won't like
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Posted in Writing on August 31, 2014

The New Book Is DONE!!!

Woo hoo! My latest book is now published! Wisdom Bites is available in paperback, Kindle, ePub, and will be available in loads of other formats soon. So much work went into that book, I'm really glad to see it finally out there in the world. I'm going to
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Posted in Personal on August 30, 2014

Working My Behind Off Today

Today has been a busy day, and I still have ore to do. I got my blogging out of the way fairly early and now I'm working on the Wisdom Bites book again. I only have 36 more pages to go to finish it, then it's on to proofreading. If I keep cranking, I may a
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Posted in Personal on August 28, 2014

Where Does the Time Go?

It's already quarter past six and I've only gotten a fraction of my work done for the day. I had to go grocery shopping, and that ate up more time than I'd like, but we have to eat. I do love food though, and it's always fun to post new food pictures to Fa
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Posted in Personal on August 27, 2014

I Wish Persona Paper Luck

I wrote to Persona Paper earlier to clear up some questions I had before I went about posting much again. I was pleased to see a response come within just a few hours. I've always been glad that the people here maintain contact, and quickly, unlike that ot
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Posted in Technology on August 26, 2014

Boy It's Been a While

I was just checking in, making sure my account was still active, and I realized I haven't been here since the 4th of July. I've been working on my blog and honestly hadn't even thought about this site much. I'm currently working on getting a new book read
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Posted in Personal on August 26, 2014

Yay! The Blog Updates Are Going Well

I kind of disappeared from PP and I'm not sure if I said much about it. I've decided that my time is better spent focusing on my blog rather than Persona. I'm keeping my account alive, but I'm not posting a lot here anymore. With the closing of Yahoo Cont
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Posted in Personal on July 4, 2014

Writing Well Doesn't Mean Writing Dry Content

There seems to be a lot of buzz here on Persona Paper because of the talk concerning the new writing standards. People seem to be getting something confused. The new rules will require "coherent English" posts. Somehow people are reading that as "professio
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Posted in Random on June 20, 2014

The Price Of Food And People's Income

This week's shopping trip cost more than usual, and it got me to thinking. The prices of food items are going up at an astounding rate, but people's income isn't. I don't understand how the government thinks people are supposed to survive. I know there ar
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Posted in Food on June 20, 2014

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