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New Year's Resolutions.

2015 is almost here. There are only a couple more days of 2014 left. This past year has been amazing though. I lost a ton of weight, met some...interesting... people, bought a car, adopted a bunny, figured out what I mostly wanted to do with my life, and c
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Posted in Personal on December 27, 2014

Oops, it's been a long time since I last posted!

Wow, I didn't realize that the last time I posted on here was 3 weeks and 4 days ago! I think I just really got wrapped up with the holidays. Thanksgiving was just super busy for my family and I. I have been sort of slacking on my work which is not a good
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Posted in Personal on December 2, 2014

A lot of websites are down.

It's been a little frustrating for me as of late. A couple of websites that I work on have been down lately. One of them has been down for a week now! It's one of the drawbacks for working with start ups and websites that are still very new. I'm hoping th
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Posted in Personal on November 7, 2014

A new month means a fresh start.

So didn't go that well for me. A storm rolled in and anyone that deals with knows all about mood changes that can happen because of the weather. Well the dark gloomy day made me rather depressed. My plans got cancelled as well so tha
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Posted in Personal on November 1, 2014

I have depression but depression doesn't have me.

Everyone has a different purpose and ultimate meaning in life. At least that's what I like to believe. Sometimes I struggle but I try to keep no matter what. Yes, it can be difficult at times. I struggle with and have struggled with i
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Posted in Personal on October 28, 2014

How to get the most out of Disneyland even with large crowds.

As a lifelong resident of I know a thing or two about Disneyland. is a wonderful theme park located in Southern California and I highly recommend to anyone of any age. Now is a busy time at Disneyland but it's only going to get more
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Posted in Travel on October 28, 2014

Halloween is almost here!

Halloween is the biggest holiday for October and it's almost here! It's Tuesday now and Halloween is this Friday! Do you have any plans for this fun holiday? Many people will host costume parties on this day. Young and old will dress up in various costumes
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Posted in Holidays on October 28, 2014

My first "real" post.

Well, I guess this is going to be my first "real" post on here. I didn't know that the introduction post would actually be posted. I thought it would only be used for evaluation during registration. That's okay though, I don't mind too much. I've been on
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Posted in Personal on October 27, 2014

Introduction for Bellatricks

I'm a 25 year old freelance writer who enjoys working from home. Over the years I've learned to make money with my hobbies. For an example, I love making arts and crafts so I've posted many tutorials on various crafts that I know how to make. One of my fav
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Posted in Personal on October 27, 2014

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