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Ferguson Why?

I am greatly confused. I would greatly appreciate another point of view besides the media. From my understanding of the situation, a young man robbed a store. In the process of attempting to apprehend said youngster he was shot and killed. The cop that sho
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Posted in Politics on November 27, 2014

Support our soldiers

For all of you lovely people out there, I ask you to take a moment of your time and go our troops by signing a much needed petition. As the spouse of a retired , to some extent, I am biased. Having acknowledged that, I feel that our
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Posted in Politics on November 23, 2014

In response to Kasman question. So what's your choice for the best invention of all time and what invention would you like to see

In my personal opinion, the best invention ever would have to be the rocket. You may ask why the rocket, it doesn't really do anything but fly. However it is because of the rocket that man began to believe their dreams of reaching space may some day
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Posted in Technology on November 21, 2014


While I understand why many people across the United States have a big problem with the signing an executive order giving illegal amnesty, especially for such a large number I have to ask myself a few questions. Of those 5 million pl
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Posted in Politics on November 21, 2014

Introduction for Aunna

Hello, my name is Francisca Carr. Most of my family members call me Aunna. It is a nick name given to me by one of my nieces, whom I raised from birth. Somehow or another it stuck to the point that when my actual name is called it doesn’t registe
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Posted in Personal on November 18, 2014

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