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My Photography experiments - Colors!

I was busy in kitchen when I heard my husband asking our 3 year old daughter " what are you doing aadu?(that is what we call her even though her full name is aadvika) You shouldn't do like this, now clean up the mess!!" I took a peek to our living room, th
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Posted in Random on December 11, 2015

"Missile Man of India" passed away!

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India passed away, due to cardiac arrest,while delivering a lecture at Indian Institute of Management ,Shillong. He is otherwise known as the "Missile man of India" for his work on development of ballistic missile.
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Posted in Breaking News on July 28, 2015

Spicy potato fry

This recipe is an easy side dish for variety rices like , lemon rice or curd rice.Even though it is not so healthy because it is spicy and oily I love this side dish :-)Here goes the recipe. Potato - 4 (Cut into cubes)Must
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Posted in Food on July 23, 2015

Coconut Rice

Indian cuisine is always flavorful and spicy. But there are some exceptions in it too. is one of them ,even though less spicy it is delicious. Here is the recipe Boiled Rice - 1 cupGrated coconut -
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Posted in Food on July 23, 2015

Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookie

When it comes to baking I prefer cookies than cakes. Because they are easy to make whereas my cakes fails poorly. emoticon :sad: (not always, but most of the time!) Another reason for my love to cookie baking is my little one. She loves my cookies or that is what she
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Posted in Food on July 10, 2015

How to attach a file in Gmail using Google Drive

I was trying to send some photos to my father using Gmail. I got a message telling that my attachment exceeds the usual limit of 25 MB, so I can use google drive to share. Usually I use Onedrive for sharing photos with my family. But it takes a long time t
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Posted in Tutorials on July 10, 2015

Picnic Day @ school

Today is picnic day for my daughter at her play school. Yesterday when I went to pick her at noon her teacher told that they will have water activities today , so she should bring her swimming dress, towel and an extra pair of dress for today.My daughter l
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Posted in Personal on July 1, 2015

Good Morning ! It is Monday!!

Phewww....A busy Monday morning, got some time to relax after a race emoticon :smile: Enjoying the coffee with some Persona Paper posts and bright Florida sun in our balcony.After we started the play school of our little one mornings seems to be a little busy for me on
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Posted in Personal on June 29, 2015

Carrot cake!

It has been months since I wrote something in Persona Paper,not only in PP but I was not writing anything for so long. To be frank after a long break in writing I actually forgot about Persona Paper.Then suddenly, one day when I opened my Gmail I s
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Posted in Food on June 29, 2015

Finger painting - my toddler's favorite time pass

Being the mother of a toddler is exciting as well as hectic . They are curious about their surroundings and are in search of new and exciting things to do every time. They will easily get bored too. This happened with my toddler. I found she is s
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Posted in Parenting on January 26, 2015

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