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Are you HERE and are you NOW?

Just a friendly little reminder! How often are you here and now? How often do you find the silence and REALLY listen to it? How often do you find the NOW and live it joyfully? Here we are, here and now, without a worry without a frown. Our eyes see clear, our senses are strong. We hold God within, love within, breath within. We have free will. Use the will to make the choice to be here and now and find yourself within it. Fall into nothingness with the sound of your breathing, void of thought. Feel the surge of God's love coming through you as your own. YOU are a part of the source when you are here and now. Are YOU here and are YOU now?

I AM HERE AND NOW............

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MegL wrote on April 10, 2017, 10:29 AM

Being in the here and now is an important lesson to learn if fighting stress or worry.