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Should I Stay The House On Friday The Thirteenth?

Today is the celebration of the Independence Day of my beloved country, Philippines. It is the 116th year of being free from Spanish dictatorship. But my problem is not for today. My problem is about tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday and the date is June 13. For Filipinos like me, we believe that Friday the Thirteenth brings bad luck. Many are just encouraged to stay the house to prevent bad things from occurring. But I need to go for my monthly visit to my OB Gyne. I also need to go to the bank to deposit money on my account. Lastly, I also need to buy stuffs for my baby after check up. So should I stay the house tomorrow or not?


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Chito13 wrote on June 12, 2014, 5:25 PM

Ah now I understand it. Me too. I have been a home buddy since I got pregnant. I have to follow strictly that I needed to have bed rest.