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Which Yields More Coins?

Being a newbie to this site I have this question in my head and would need you to advise which one is better. Do you think submitting new Articles yields more coins? I know that we can earn through views, likes, and comments. How about submitting new Polls? Does this yield better? This is new to me so I am not sure what are the factors whereby you can earn some coins using this approach. Does a vote count in generating coins? So which one do you prefer to focus your writing on? Articles or Polls?

Articles, of course

11 votes / 64% 11 votes / 64 %

I think its Polls

1 votes / 5% 1 votes / 5 %

The heck I am not sure Duh?

5 votes / 29% 5 votes / 29 %
This poll has received 17 vote(s) so far.

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rmgjunkie wrote on June 12, 2014, 10:04 PM

But do you get paid for getting votes? Is it similar to Likes?

LoudMan wrote on July 21, 2014, 2:05 PM

I'd have to say, from what I'm seeing so far, posting topics has done me the most good as far as coin goes. Leaving good comments too, also helps with your visibility, too.