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Are you going t be a football widow?

So the World cup in Brazil kicks off today and I know for sure for the next 4 weeks I'm going to have to deal with the fact that football will come first. My boyfriend even read out a 'contract' out to me regarding the world cup. It was one that was circulating on Facebook and of course he decided to read it out to me and ask me to agree. Rules such as he has 24 hour control over the t.v, the fridge has to always be stocked with beer and no walking in front of the t.v during games. The one that made me laugh was about goal replays and that he is allowed to replay them as many times as he likes. Anyway, as I said, I didn't agree to anything, nor will I. I actually don't mind watching it and so it won't affect me as much as it may some women. Are you going to be a football widow or are you going to join in?


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No, He wont be watching it

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No, I wont allow football to take over.

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I love football and will be watching it too.

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She has no choice, I will be watching it and all my time will be devoted to football whether she likes it or not for the men

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