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Should women get equal pay as men?

In most countries around the world women earn a lot less than men for the same job. In many cases these women have the same experience and qualifications as the men. However many companies justify this by coming up with inane excuses - these excuses are simply used to pay them less: -Women do not make great workers as they are more emotional. -As women generally get pregnant and leave the workforce, the return on investment on a woman is a lot less - therefore they should be paid less. -Men generally do a better job than women. These are not my words, they are simply the excuses that allow corporations to get cheaper labor - at the end of the day the corporation wins by paying less. Is this right? IMHO a job should be paid according to experience and qualifications - the gender, color, religious beliefs etc. of the candidate should never matter!

Women should be paid more than men

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Women should be paid the same as men

7 votes / 77% 7 votes / 77 %

Women should be less than men

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Not sure

2 votes / 22% 2 votes / 22 %
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