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What files sucks your phones/sdcard's storage space?

We have great technology nowadays, and I'm amazed how the progress rapidly approaching especially in terms of storage devices. From floppy disks, diskettes laser discs to flashdrives, external hard disks, macro and micro sdcards and so on. Phone user/s mostly have external sdcards on their devices (if their devices have sdcard slot or expandable). They prefer to add more storage spaces to be able to saved more and more media files or document files or to install large apps. And we know already that people now can't live without a selfie. And, recording/capturing some funny moments in lives. Or, other serious and personal stuffs. So in order to take all of that we need more storage capacity in our phones. That goes microsd, you can now store more stuffs. You can have from 128mb to 64gb. I dont know now, maybe theres 256gb microsd out there, anyone can tell me? As I said earlier technology = fast as lightning. Lols Okay enough of so much intro, I just want to have this quick poll. In my case, my device has 1026 'music files' that sucks the space of my external sdcard, 'cause I can't live without music while others can't live without selfies. :evillaugh: How about yours? Or even in you phones(built-in) memory. What files are dominating?


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Others Just comment what file

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Deema wrote on April 15, 2015, 11:10 AM

APPS! It has to be the apps. Oh and pictures. I have way too many, struggling to get rid of them.

cheri wrote on July 6, 2015, 10:08 PM

Too many big applications. Its really ahrd to uninstall all of them from time to time