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Do women really expect too much?

Somehow people have come to believe that women expect too much from their partners. Even women themselves have tried lowering their expectations due to not wanting to fall into this stereotype. However, in some cases this is not true and often, women compromise too much, even on things they should not be. For example, is it not true that respect, equality, communication, affection and openness is key in relationships? So, why then does women compromise on this? I agree that always expecting gifts and phone calls are too much, but not the above mentioned...or am I wrong? Do you think women expect too much in terms of the five key things I mentioned?


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yes, not every person believes in communication as the answer

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yes, some men just are not open

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no, this is vital for a relationship

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MsBiz wrote on January 29, 2015, 7:40 AM

I picked no because I think every woman has a right to set whatever standard she finds acceptable for a relationship. Communication and respect, in particular, are absolutely crucial to our relationships success. I think the "women set their standards too high" argument (with regard to respect, communication, etc.) tends to come for men who aren't ready for a committed, mature relationship or who have abusive/controlling tendencies.