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If you had the final say, what area should the United States government give more money to in order that the country is better off?

President Obama recently gave The State of The Union address and said the United States was doing well. In less than two weeks, a new federal spending budget for 2015 will be sent to Congress. I have always been mystified why, as the second richest country in the world right behind China, there is always a huge deficit(2014 = $483 Billion). Spending more money than your income is the deficit. The cost of borrowing money to cover this deficit is the debt. Since this deficit will be here forever, why not make sure that the people are given top priority when it comes to government spending?

Military and Defense Spending

0 votes / 0% 0 votes

Suipplemental Food Vouchers for Needy Families

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Childrens Education

1 votes / 50% 1 votes / 50 %

Free Job Skills Training

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Tax Relief for the Middle Class

1 votes / 50% 1 votes / 50 %
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