Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of questions to help new members understand the basics of the website.


  • What is this site?

    We offer a writing platform for a community of writers who enjoy a place to freely write about any topic (that follows the rules). We respect the value the content our writers put out there for everyone to read and enjoy, therefore we will allow our writers to earn money based on the amount of traffic their posts generate.

  • Who can join your site?

    Any person aged 18 or over may join and participate on our website. As of right now, we cannot accept any new members from India or the Philippines.

    Any person between the ages of 13 and 18 may join our site, but we will require parental consent. During the time frame of the user being under 18 years of age, the parent can make requests on behalf of the user.

    Please note that we do have an application process and not everyone will be accepted to our site. We take a number of factors into account when evaluating members, such as geographic location and English proficiency.

  • Why can people from India or Phillipines not join the site?

    The short answer is that the traffic and ad revenue from those countries are not matching up to keep in line with the current exchange rate. Please read the following articles about how this decision came to be and has evolved overtime.

    1. End of the Month Report - We need to make more changes
    2. Another step
    3. Update to country analysis and blacklist

    So we would be unable to pay the same rate to those new members as we do current members and at this point, we do not have multiple pay scales.

  • How do I contact someone if my question isn't listed here?

    Please use the "Contact Us" form above to contact us for any reason.

  • Is there any fee or cost associated with joining your site?

    Our site is 100% free and requires no upfront payment from anyone who wants to be a member. Keep in mind that we make no promises with the amount of money you will earn on this site.

  • Are there limitations on how many people per household may join?

    We do not have a hard limit on the number of people that may join from a particular household. However, to keep abuse to a minimum we do routinely monitor the site activity and multiple accounts from the same IP can look suspicious. We recommend that you contact us first to warn us of potential multiple accounts so we may make a note of it.

  • Are there any minimum activity requirements? Will my account be deleted if I am inactive?

    We currently only require that login once every 28 days. We currently do not have any requirements for posting articles as of this time. Just logging in will consider your account "active" and not in danger of being removed.

    You will receive an email prior to your account being deleted. Approximately 2 days after we send that email, your account will be put into an inactive status.

  • What are the different account groups, and what do they mean?

    • OWNER - This is reserved for the owners and maintainers of the site. Currently this only include elitecodex and MaeLou.
    • BLOGGER - These are our standard users who have the ability to submit content to the website.
    • PENDING - These are users who have submitted an application to the site, but have not yet been approved to write content. When approved, they will be moved to the BLOGGER group.
    • INACTIVE - This indicates that the users have not logged in within the last 28 days and has gone into INACTIVE status.
    • SUSPENDED - This indicates the user has outstanding issues that have not been addressed within the 48 hours after seeing the issue. Posting of new articles is disabled until all issues are resolved. Once resolve, user will automatically go back to BLOGGER.
  • What is wrong with being an inactive user?

    Nothing is wrong with being an INACTIVE user, but due to the sporadic and unknown nature of the revenue coming in, it would not be fair for INACTIVE users to continue to reap any additional rewards in changes in the exchange rate. No additional coins will be given to users who are currently inactive.


  • What can I write about?

    You can write about anything you want, so long as it follows our rules and Acceptable Use Policy. We strive to maintain a family friendly environment as much as possible so we would ask to be mindful of sensitive topics. Additionally, we need to ensure that all content is written in coherent English. Repeated posting of incoherent articles or lack of basic English grammar can result in your account being removed.

    Please note that what qualifies as "SPAM" is at our sole discretion.

  • What is Article Spinning?

    Article spinning is where someone submits an article written by someone else and substitutes words for alternative, similar-meaning words in an attempt to bypass plagiarism detection. Not only is it still plagiarism, but the results are typically much poorer in quality and an article that contains many basic mistakes that anyone with a minimum level of English profiency would be able to identify.

    While we cannot prove article spinning, we can and will remove your account if you fail to maintain a minimum level of English proficiency.

  • What about including links in my articles?

    You may include links in your articles, so long as they are not referral/affiliate links or link to anything that violates the rules and Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Am I allowed to talk about sites like this one? (ie: competitor sites?)

    We will not restrict your freedom to talk about any topic you want, whether favorably or not. However, you may not post anything that could be considered slanderous or that violates our Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Am I allowed to post articles I created for another site?

    Any content that is plagarized is grounds for immediate account termination. Articles will be randomly checked for uniqueness and action will be taken if any questions arise. All content submitted to the site must be 100% unique and can not be posted anywhere else online. If we find duplicate content, we will send you an email warning. Multiple infractions of this rule will result in account deletion.

  • Am I allowed to post articles I wrote for another site, but no longer exist? (ie: deleted, site no longer exists, etc?)

    As long as you wrote the original article, and you still own the rights to the article then you are allowed to repost it here if the original has been removed. If the content is still available then you must wait until it has been removed before posting here.

    Some sites require that you give them rights to your content when you submit it, and may retain some rights after the content has been deleted. We cannot offer any legal advice in this matter, but you can post it here if you retain rights to the work. However we may need to remove the article if a valid DMCA request comes in.

  • Am I allowed to write articles that are endorsed?

    So long as the content of the article follows the rules and Acceptable Use Policy then that is fine so long as you include a disclaimer that it is an endorsed article. Please read the FTC guidelines on this matter here: The FTC’s Revised Endorsement Guides: What People are Asking

  • Is there a limit to how many articles I can post per day?

    Yes, you may not submit anymore than 15 articles a day. You can track the number of articles you have submitted on your profile. This will reset every night at midnight (based on the location of the server: currently Eastern Daylight Time).

    If you wish to write more than 15 per day, we recommend storing them in your "drafts" for future publication.

  • Is there a limit to how many drafts I can post?

    At this time, there is no limit on the number of drafts you can store at any one time.

  • Do you support tags in articles?

    Yes, you may prefix any word with a hash sign (number sign) and it will be parsed as a tag. For example #spoiler would be parsed as a tag in an article and show up as a link.

  • Do you support tagging of members in articles?

    Yes, you may prefix any member name with the ampersand ( & ) and if we find a member with that name it will automatically link to their profile. For example, &ashley would be a way to tag the user 'ashley'.

  • Are there any requirements regarding the use of tags?

    Tags may be used anywhere in your post, either inline within a sentence or seperate. However, we are placing two restrictions on the use of tags:

    1. All tags must be relevant to the article they are used on
    2. Any tags not used inline in the article do not count toward the minimum character requirement.

  • Are there any requirements for placement of tags?

    No, you may place tags anywhere you want in your post. We suggest keeping the tags to a minimum as to not to de-value the tag by posts that may only marginally apply to that tag.

  • What does the blue "Restore Article" button do?

    When you write an article and hit the Submit button, there is a chance the article will not go through. The most common reason is "CAPTCHA" is incorrect but it could be other reasons as well. After you type 100 characters, we will begin to save the current state of your article in your browser cache (if your browser supports this technology). We also save this information when you hit the Submit button. If after you hit the Submit button you arrive at an error page, hitting the back button does not restore your article. The "Restore Article" button will take what is saved in your cache and put it back just the way it was before.

    Please note that your uploaded file is not saved and cannot be stored in the cache - you must re-select this.


  • What is the maximum image size I am allowed to upload?

    We currently have no restrictions on dimensions, however we limit the file size to 2MB (Megabytes).

  • What is the minimum image size I am allowed to upload?

    We ask that all images be at a minimum 200 pixels by 200 pixels.

  • Is there a limit to the number of images I can upload?

    At this time, we are not placing any restrictions on the number of images uploaded or stored with your account.

  • Do I need to include an image credit for my articles?

    Yes, it is very important to include an image credit for any and all images used in your post. This must include the location of the image, which must include a URL to the page you found the image.

    Please click on the help icon (question mark) on the 'New Article' page for more details. You can also click here for the same information on what we expect for an image credit. Your image must be available to use for commercial purposes.

    Using image credits such as "Google Images", "Internet" or "" do not count as legitimate image credits.

  • What if I own the image? Do I still need to include it?

    Yes, even if you own the image you still need to provide a credit for the image.

  • Can I put the image credit in the image itself?

    You certainly can, however we recommend that you not do this as it will make it more difficult to verify when you request a payout. We want to quickly get you paid and if we need to check every article manually it may take longer to get your payment out to you.

  • Why is an image credit so important?

    You are receiving compensation for your articles here, so when you are using an image we need to ensure that we have the right to display that image. It is impossible to keep track of all the images on the internet, so you including an image credit is an admission of where you found the image, and that you have the right to use it for the article you just wrote.

  • What happens if I use an image that I was not allowed to use?

    When it is brought to our attention, we will be forced to remove the article and any associated coins derived from that article from your account. If we receive multiple complaints then we will be forced to take additional action, which may include revoking of posting privileges or deletion of your account.

  • What if I forget to include an image credit in my article?

    When it comes time to payout, we need to ensure that all your articles follow the rules. If we find articles that you have written that do no include an image credit, then we will be unable to payout until all outstanding issues have been addressed.


  • How do I earn money?

    All you need to do is submit an article and you begin earning coins based on all unique views and comments you make on other posts.

    Please note that you will not earn coins from any users who has an ad blocker enabled. We also currently only pay for public views from the following countries:

    • United States
    • United Kingdom
    • Canada
  • What is the minimum payout?

    The minimum payout is currently $20.00 (Twenty US Dollars). Note this is the value of your coins (the "Currently Worth" box in the Bank page).

  • How long does it take to receive payment?

    You should receive contact from us within the first 72 hours. Depending on the number of articles we need to review it may take longer, but this is our current goal.

  • What views count for my posts?

    All unique views will count toward your posts from legitimate traffic sources. Site visitors do not need to have a membership here for views to count. What is considered legitimate is at our sole discretion.

  • Can non-members like my articles?

    Yes, non-members are permitted to like your articles.

  • How can I request a payout?

    When you have crossed the threshold of the minimum payout amount, a form will show up in your Bank page for you to fill out. This process is not automatic and will be subject to review before releasing funds. If we find any issues then we will contact you to inform you of our findings before any funds are released. We reserve the right to not pay out if we find any problems with your articles. We will not pay any money to any user who has any outstanding issues.

  • What options are available for payout?

    We currently only support PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards. Please check the Bank page for the most updated list after you have reached the minimum threshold.

User Issue Management

  • What is "User Issue Management" ?

    We want to maintain a respectable level at Persona Paper, and in doing so we need to moderate our users behavior. We keep track of all outstanding issues tracked so we can ensure that all issues are fixed. You can view this on here or by clicking on "Your Issues" in your user dropdown menu.

  • How will I know when I have an outstanding issue?

    We will send you an email alerting you to what we found along with a description of what the issue is. If you have any new issues, the next time you visit our website and login you will be automatically redirect to your issues page where you will see the outstanding issues.

    Please note that once you have been redirected to this page, you have seen the issue and the clock starts.

  • What clock are you talking about?

    We require that all user issues be addressed within a 48 hour window. That 48 hour window starts when you have "seen" the new issues.

  • What happens after 48 hours?

    Any outstanding issues that go beyond 48 hours will move your account into the SUSPENDED group and you will not be able to post any new articles until those issues have been addressed. Once you have addressed those issues, and we confirm it then you will automatically be moved back into the BLOGGER group within 5 minutes of admin confirmation.

  • Do I need to do anything after I have addressed the issue?

    It is very important that you mark the issue as completed in your issues page. This is the only way that we know that you have addressed it and we can confirm it. Please note that even if you mark the issue as complete, the 48 hour window continues until we have confirmed it. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you address these issues as soon as possible as we may not be able to confirm the fix immediately.

  • What happens if admin does not confirm the issue has been fixed?

    If the issue still persists or has not been fully addressed, we will mark it as 'Not Fixed' which means you need still need to address the issue. This does not reset the 48 hour window. You will receive an email if we mark it as 'Not Fixed'.

    Please contact support if you are having issues properly fixing any outstanding issues.


  • Where can I find my referral link?

    Once you are logged in, you can find it under the dropdown menu, accessible on the right side of the green navigation bar where your username is. Click on the page labeled "Your Referrals". Your referral link is on the right side.

  • Where am I allowed to post my referral link?

    We put no restrictions on where you may post and advertise your referral links. Please be mindful of the policies of the sites you are posting them too however.

  • How long does it take to receive the referral bonus?

    Currently this is a manual process so it could take a few days. Keep in mind that you will not be awarded those coins until your referral makes a qualifying post. This also requires them to confirm their account. If after a few days you have not received an email from us, please contact us and we will investigate.

    Please note that we are behind in processing referral requests. All referrals will still show up, and you will receive an email when the coins have been added to your account.

  • What does the green check next to the referral mean?

    That means that user has signed up for an account and confirmed their account. This does not mean they have fulfilled the requirements for you to receive the bonus.

Community Moderation

  • What do I do if I find an article that violates the rules?

    We would ask that you first contact the author of the article first, in an attempt to alert them to the rules. This may be accomplished by a comment on the article. If that does not work, then we would ask you contact support and include the link to the article and the rule that has been violated.


  • I see malicious ads on your website!

    We do apologize for any malicious ads that appear on our website, and we will work with our ad networks to remove these from appearing on our site if at all possible. However, people with malicious intent purchase random domains when one gets blocked, so it becomes a game of "whack-a-mole".

    However, we would ask that you take a screenshot of any malicious advertisements and include the domain they are attempting to send you too. We will send this information to our ad networks in an attempt to block those ads from showing up for any other users.


  • How do I receive coins when I submit a poll?

    We have removed the like button and instead are giving you coins based on each vote. So everytime someone submits a vote, you receive a coin. You still receive coins for the views just as any other article.

Last Update January 2015