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The Stupidest Scam Email I've Ever Received

OK. You've probably received tens of thousands of spam emails over the years. If not, you are either a hermit or you let fear of receiving spam emails slow you down. And I don't blame you for that. However, I cannot afford to do that, so I've received the
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Posted by on July 25, 2019

Mathematical Morons

Learning About Money When my children were small, I used to take them shopping with me and get them to "pay" for the items and receive the change. As they got older, we practised adding up the cost of items and calculating the change due. Whether they are
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Posted by on July 6, 2019

Guest Post: Poverty: What It Is and What We’re Doing To End It

Poverty Poverty is an international concern. It affects every country in the world, even countries that are considered “developed” experience poverty. Many people have plans to reduce or end poverty. There are a lot of good people working on a
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Posted by on June 24, 2019

One Man's Meat - Another's Poison

It's A Well Known Saying What suits one does not suit another. Social Media But what does it mean when you apply it to social media? Specifically, I mean Facebook. People can host private pages on Facebook with only invited members allowed to join. Some
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Posted by on June 16, 2019

I only wish caller ID came with a ringer mute function for annonymous or unavailable calls

telephone call unavailable I get frequent annoyance calls and my answering machine picks up and the caller never leaves any messages, but caller ID indicates that the caller is unknown or unavailable. That said, I would like to understand, just why, exact
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Posted by on February 20, 2019

Kids On Tablets

Haircut My husband went for a haircut today and the barber was talking about her son. She said he was a great boy, very quiet, you would hardly know he was there. Not There? That wasn't like any young boys I have known! You definitely would have known m
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Posted by on February 5, 2019

Ad Blocker or No Ad Blocker - THAT is the Question

I write. I depend upon ads for a small (shall we say) pecuniary emolument. That emolument is provided by advertising. I get paid for "valid" (whatever that is) advertisement visitations. So I don't like ad blockers on that account. For the longest time, I
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Posted by on January 28, 2019

MP3 is the new format for most music enthusiasts, but I would like to go back to the days of the vinyl LP.

I like vinyl records and I have a computer and my wife gave me a turntable for Christmas with a USB port. It is apparently able to connect to a computer via USB cable and convert music on that vinyl LP to MP3 format. The player is belt driven and runs off
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Posted by on January 19, 2019

Have You Noticed Ever Decreasing Website Ranks?

Most curious, indeed! Website rankings. They seem illogical, to say the least. I've been taking note of various web site rankings. And they just don't make ordinary sense. If you receive more visitations to your site -- if more people are reading your ma
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Posted by on January 4, 2019

Printing Address Labels Now IMPOSSIBLE or is it

Spreadsheet For many years I have kept a spreadsheet with all the addresses for my Christmas Card list and faithfully updated it as people have got married, moved house or died. Each year I used that list to print out roughly 80 address labels for the env
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Posted by on November 30, 2018