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St Nicholas's Day MONDAY 6th December 2021

Hungary My daughter's friend is from Hungary. Last Friday, her kids and some of my grandchildren made some preparations for St Nicholas's Day, which is celebrated on 6th December. Clean Your Shoes St Nicholas's Day is 6th December but St Nicholas pays v
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Posted by on December 4, 2021

Installing Your Own Shower

Never Done Before While my husband is a good DIYer and handyman, he has never installed a shower before but with plumbers not available before next February and him not being a model of patience, he is now finding out how to install a shower and getting a
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Posted by on October 14, 2021

No Plumbers for 5 months

Shower Problem Some 37 years ago, we had a new bathroom put in and had it tiled. We often had a problem with the shower leaking but it seemed to be fixed when the shower was grouted. Then a couple of weeks ago, we found that the tiles in the shower had be
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Posted by on September 20, 2021

How I Deal with Manic Depression During THE COVID-19 GLOBAL PANDEMIC

I know that when I am happy, it may not last long. And when I get sad, I know that it will pass. Because I have Manic-Depressive Disorder. I was aware of this emotional roller coaster since before I was diagnosed in 1995, after I overdosed on alc
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Posted by on September 1, 2021

Brain Games For Seniors With Dementia

What Causes Dementia? You may be wondering what causes dementia, because it seems that everyone has this question. Dementia can be a very serious condition that will greatly affect the way that you or your loved one live life. There are many different typ
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Posted by on May 9, 2021

Too Much Or Too Little

Using Up Leftovers We try not to waste in this house - especially food, so anything leftover from the previous night's meal may be refrigerated and used for lunch the following day. This especially applies to potatoes. Quite often, I do a few extra the pr
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Posted by on April 2, 2021

GUEST POST 5 Thrilling Adventures to Enjoy with Your Family This Spring

Guest Article By Kenneth Reaves of As the days get longer and the weather grows warmer, families break out of winter shut-ins in preparation for Easter celebrations. When fragrant blooms come out of hiding, and neighboring ba
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Posted by on March 22, 2021

Happy 2021 ? Well that will all DEPEND !

I went to the pharmacy and inquired as to when they thought the vaccines would be made available to the general public and the pharmacy manager said, we might get an update at the end of January. So far three pharmaceutical companies have distributed thei
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Posted by on January 2, 2021

How To Select The Best Toys For A Child For Christmas

The significance of children's activity toys can't be emphasized enough. These toys are not only seen to be very exciting for children, but they could be a huge assist in teaching your children about the world around them. Let's say that you're an adv
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Posted by on November 20, 2020

Do You Miss Your Old Friends?

We we're in Bubblews! It was a great family. We we're too many of us. Yet some names just stuck in the memory. There was shohana . We still meet and connect on many platforms. Currently we are on together. She is from Indonesia and I am from Kenya.
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Posted by on July 15, 2020